Not to be confused with the Narqanian Clan, the family consisting of Denshin and Aros.

Yvre has and still is one of Ancient World’s very minor, yet influential factions. Choosing to heavily avoid any conflict, Yvre instead contributed with construction projects and keeping an active social role with other players.

The Rise of Yvre

Yvre was founded by Denshin as far back as the Age of Darkness, carving in their first mark on the Ancient World in a small hillside just northeast of Ironhammer, a fort that has long since succumbed to time today. With the help of Davidian, Yvre climbed to a secure foothold in the harsh, white coated wastes and then huddled in for the endless winter, all the while keeping regular contact with the survivors at Fort Ironhammer.

The Merger

Weeks later Yvre came in contact with the new faction Warriors consisting of also only two members; Nhubuk and Iceman344. A seed had been planted which in turned bloomed into a merging of the two factions into one, doubling their power, their wealth and their land. This merging is considered the most important event in Yvre’s history and also began the traditional rule of always keeping two bases in operation, as in case one falls one will always still stand to keep the faction in able condition.

Yvre Pass and the Continents

Following the fall of Yvre Yard, Denshin went in seek of new lands across the vast ocean north of Blue Peaks. A cliffside on a peninsula became the ideal location and was the largest, most thriving fortification Yvre has owned thus far.

Shortly after the fall of Ironhammer, Nhubuk’s base ultimately fell to the Rift. Nhubuk and Iceman344 joined the settling on the new lands as well, creating an impressive fortification surrounded by a moat of lava. These forts no longer exist as the landmasses all sank into the ocean forever. The only remaining sign of Yvre Pass’s existence is the frigate of the black sails in Port Orange.

List of past operating bases:

Yvre Yard

The first base back in july of 2012. Built just northeast of Ironhammer. Impractical and without much impressive architectural style. Yvre Yard didn’t even last two weeks. Yvre Yard was years later reclaimed by exploring players and fortified to what is now known as Fort Eden.

It was mainly constructed by Denshin and Davidian.

Yvre Zenith

The first base built by the faction Warriors consisting of Nhubuk and Iceman344. Located on the eastern part of Blue Peaks, it became Yvre’s second base of operation after the merger. Zenith fell later on due to a rift.

Yvre Pass

Yvre Pass was created by Denshin upon exploring new lands to settle after Yvre Yard fell. Pass was much more prosperous, lands and earth practically untouched. The ships Denshin and Nhubuk built here have been used as transport ships on many of The Ancient World’s portal hubs, as seen in Port Orange. Pass later on vanished completely as the landmasses all sank to the ocean floor where Orrostar and the continents emerged in its place.

Yvre Blend

Also constructed on the same landmass as the Pass, Blend has no known surviving documentation. Once Zenith had fallen to the rift, Blend was constructed by Nhubuk and Iceman344 as a large castle with glass ceiling, surrounded by a moat of lava and an exterior wall of cacti.

Yvre Rise

Constructed by Denshin and Nhubuk at the discovery of Dagon Fel. A small fortification built into the mountainside on the southwestern side of the island.

Yvre Sub

Yvre Sub was a very tiny, cost-effective base constructed off the coast of the north side of Dagon Fel. As the name implies, Sub was a submerged, Sub-terranean base built side by side with an allied faction. The idea was to remain hidden from the rest of the island, this was proven to have been a very futile effort. There is no known documentation and the remains of the base have likely caved in and flooded.

Yvre Ground

Ground was a base built on Bal Fel in a joint-alliance-effort alongside Paragon, which resided directly next to Yvre Ground. It was built when the population of Dagon Fel left for the other continents. For a long time Yvre Ground held up very well, wealthy, secure and a beacon glistening to the skies.

Yvre Slum

An incredibly minor, unkempt base just serving as a humble homestead than a faction powerhouse. Built under one of the many natural arches of Sadrith Mora, Slum was a bit of a pirate hideout as the faction itself was starting to go on the decline as a whole. Yvre Slum was hardly ever used as a base either way.


Yvreleth on Orrostar was an odd card in the list of Yvre bases, instead of a base it was in this instance a town with several members inhabiting it. It has since been overtaken and rebuilt by an unknown group.

Yvre Den

As of late 2017, 5 years since Yvre began, Yvre Den is one of the two latest bases currently standing, constructed and manned by Aros Dalyon. It has a spacious interior carved into the mountainside on the north east coast of Orrostar. The exterior also has a small dock, gardens and statues.

Yvre Ulthar

With the late joining of Litae into the ranks, the territory of Ulthar came under Yvrian control, overseen by Litae. It is a small hamlet built of sandstone and terracotta on a desert island off the coast of Orrostar.