The Great Storm Draws Back!


The Great Storm Draws Back!

The great snow storm over the mainland has finally drawn back after what seemed like forever! We hope this blessing will give us enough time to recuperate and expand our dwellings on the surface. We must bring our own light to the world if we hope to quell the potential return of darkness!

The Great Coastal Road


The Great Coastal Road

Constructed by the Eulorians, The Great Coastal Road connects the 2 most prevalent settlements on TAW at this time – Aduro & Torchlight.

(with conquest textures)


(now with Isabella texture pack. See, what’d I tell ya about those washed out colors? :P)


With the road completed, the respawn has been set to a new Gazebo just outside the city of Aduro. We hope this more “in-world” spawn will entice people to RP more because of the added immersion, and to bring more traffic to an already established city! So, how about a few drinks at the local tavern to celebrate?


(( annnd, here’s the new spawn with Isabella 🙂 I like it a lot! ))




Texture Pack Showcase: Isabella!


Texture Pack Showcase: Isabella!

A texture pack I’ve used personally many times – Isabella is a unique 16×16 texture pack, with a 1.6.4 release.

Having been through Dokucraft, Ovo’s, John Smith & Conquest, whats so great about this pack? Well, first of all it’s 16×16 so it’s better for those of you who might have slower machines. Also, it’s simple yet aesthetically pleasing graphics are easy on the eyes.

For this age, I particularly like the grey skies and the washed out colors. I also set my view distance to medium to bring the fog in closer, and turned off clouds. So I recommend this pack as an alternative to the usual Conquest/John Smith we use.

Here’s the link to the texture pack, along with a few more screenshots of my own.

(texture pack does not include falling cow)





Ruins look pretty good too! 


Newly founded village of Decus!


Newly founded village of Decus!

Through a meeting between Shimmermist refugees (saplings) and the Lord of Euloria, the first official village in ages has been founded.

The meeting took place in the lands of Euloria. The guests were escorted through the great halls and were greeted by a great feast.


A flag, a banner, and a title was decided. “Decus”, pronounced deck-us, would be the first village to be formed in the light. The future looks very bright indeed!

( and while I got you reading this, have some shire & the first rift 🙂 )





Undead pushed underground, Shimmermist overrun.


Undead pushed underground, Shimmermist overrun.

In the Undeads scramble from the surface in search of someplace dark and secluded, they set their sight on the large underground city of Shimmermist, which was going through a war conflict at the time.

Without the manpower to fight both their enemy and the Undead, the city buckled under the weight.