Trust Me – Chronicles of a Killer

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Mrtrustme sits alone in his house

It was discovered that a bloodthirsty killer was living right under the noses of the Citizens of Voyager’s Wharf. The Killer, Mrtrustme, was ruthless in his serial killing of many innocents of the new city. Nobody suspected anything could have been wrong in the quaint port town. But sometimes evil can lurk in the dark corners of the most unexpected places..


The grizzly murders took place at Mrtrustme’s residence at the end of the new district. This house – seemingly much older than the city itself – looked to be long abandoned. It came to be Mrtrustme’s home and sanctuary, as well as his tool for murder.

Mrtrustme’s most chosen method was to invite people over to his house for meals. But he had a trap in place that he would spring on his victims, trapping them in his dungeon below. It was there that his crimes took place.


Part of the dungeon hidden beneath Mrtrustme’s home

As time went on, the bodycount grew. Until there were rumors.. and those rumors spread. Eventually the head Ordinator, DeniedOverkill, came knocking on the killers door.

But Mrtrustme had a plan in place, and had the senior Ordinator trapped in his dungeon like all the others. The killing of the Ordinator then took place. However, this time there was a witness. Daniel, the monk of the city witnessed the Ordinator entering Mrtrustme’s residence – and heard the subsequent screams. He rushed back and spread the word of Mrtrustme’s crime. It wasn’t long before a group formed to confront the killer, accompanied by Vaestian the Lord of Order.


The citizens themselves were powerless to enter the residence themselves, and the Ordinators were without a leader. It was up to the Lord of Order to investigate.

Vaestian entered the house and soon discovered Mrtrustme’s secret dungeon – along with a long and detailed diary where the killer documented every killing in grotesque detail. The Lord of Order could not believe his eyes. The level of evil that had taken place in his city was beyond anything he had ever imagined. And so after a few words, Vaestian banished Mrtrustme from the city by smiting him down with a mortal blade.

A short ceremony took place at the City Cathedral after the event. If you would like to read Mrtrustme’s murder diary it can be read on a lectern at his abandoned house. But we warn you, it is not for the faint hearted.