The Tree of Spirits

After the fall of the Ordinators, the ancient world fell to ruin. Thousands were killed from the disorder and the lack of laws. As the people died off, so too did the structures and buildings die off as well. This age of ruin was a sad one. But, years later at the once beautiful city of Voyager’s Wharf a tree sprouted. This tree grew from the wills and the determination of the spirits of the dead. Their desire to have a prosperous land once again. This tree holds a great amount of mysterious power from an otherworldly source. This tree is soaked deep with the “aether” that the player Spaceout discovered, allowing it’s roots to pierce holes through space to different locations of the world.

Present time:

The Tree of spirits is currently the spawn zone for the age of spirits.
It has a server tutorial that is for the new players of the server.
This is also the location of the portal hub leading to many locations on the map.