The Deadly Mines

present day deadlymines.jpg

The Deadly Mines, Present Day.

The Deadly Mines was the first base built on The Ancient World.

It is known that Drakortha lived here in his earliest days before his rise to Godhood, where he became the God of Creation.

It became known as the Deadly Mines due to the winding tunnels and caverns which had a very high density of hostile mobs. Drakortha himself had been ambushed and killed many times during his spelunking expeditions here.

The first section, once entering, was a living area. It included storage, lighting, wooden floors and ceilings, and a bedroom. Later, a “safety tunnel” system was built through the mines, which allowed safer travel to different sections of the Mine. All of this has since fell into disrepair.

The mines were used for mining and hauling large amounts of stone, which was then used to build the Ancient Signal Towers that dot the area.

Drakortha moved on from the Deadly Mines after an incident involving a stash of TNT that led to an explosion within the structure, damaging it and destroying his storage chests.

A video commentary by Drakortha on The Deadly Mines can be seen on Youtube.