The battle between Light & Darkness is one of the The Ancient World’s most prevalent themes. When The Darkness takes hold of the world it becomes everlasting night while temperatures drop, often resulting in otherwise warm and temperate biomes to become snowy tundra’s.

Unique gameplay mechanics come into play during a Darkness event or age, including but not limited to;

  • Terth’s Chill
  • Everlasting night & snowfall
  • Monsters gaining enhanced abilities such as zombies being able to seek you out over long distances and being able to break most blocks to reach you. Ghasts & creepers having more explosive power, and skeletons using exploding arrows
  • A reduction of magic use in the world. This often entails the disabling of Enderchests & Enchanting tables, a limitation on teleportation spells (commands), and more.
  • An increase in Rift & Netherstorm activity.