Terth’s Chill

Terth’s Chill is a gameplay mechanic on The Ancient World which is active primarily in colder biomes. The chill was first introduced at the beginning of the first Age of Darkness after Terth, the God of Darkness and his minions overran the City of Ancients, resulting in the subsequent dark age and his chill sweeping across the land. Here is a summary of it’s features;

  • One must wear full leather armor head to toe to stay protected from the chill. Any other armor type will not protect the wearer.
  • The longer a person is exposed to the cold, the more detrimental effects that will culminate until finally death. Health damage, blindness, and slow are expected results of prolonged exposure.
  • Standing near a campfire will raise ones temperature and reverse these effects.
  • Some drinks may aid a person against some of these effects, such as alcoholic beverages.