The Templar emblem consist of a red cross on a white background. The color red signifies the elemental flow through the god Drakortha, and the cross represents his stature over all life in The Ancient World. The white background was chosen to be the purity of creation. The Templar emblem can be found on the tabards of knights, banners draped over walls, sails of ships, and the flags of keeps and outpost.

Rank Structure

Templar rank structure is a basic hierarchy. Grandmaster is reserved to the most dedicated and faithful of the Order. The Grandmaster is tasked with ensuring order and the survival of the Templars through alliances to maintain peace. Paladins are in charge of the organization of knights. They sent knights to patrol outerlands of any anomalies of Terth or holy crusades to stop the evil god. Knights are the bulk of the order. Main foot soldiers and front line troops to combat evil. Next are sergeants. Sergeants are Squires who are ready to test themselves to prove their worthiness to become a Knight Templar. And Lastly, Squires are civilians who are taken under the guidance of a Knight Templar to be groomed for fighting demons and the undead.


The Templar Homeland consist of the land north west (beyond Epic City) of the Shire/Molten Valley. At the center of the lands stands Cossin City. Named in honor of the first Grandmaster of the order, CossinOne. Cossin City started as a small village in the first Age of Gods. The city would endure a rift siege, raids and wars of hostile factions, and waves of undead. The uncertainty of survival pushed the Templars to expand and reinforce the walls, providing a safe haven to the faithful who dwell inside.

Rift at Templar Village

History of the Templars

During the Age of Gods, the Templars were just a small fort near the shire. Around the time the first rift broke out the Templars moved north of the shire to a nice country side between rolling sands and dark swamps. After a few houses were built a rift broke through the world and striked the Templars from the south. With the help of the good people of the shire, the Templars purged this rift and defended their homelands. But this didn’t go without sacrifice, Many Templars and citizens of the shire died, also the rift broke through the ground near the Templar’s church of Drakortha. The Templars smite this and was blessed by the Gods to become the grove of Knighthood. After the rifts at the Templar homeland were purged, The Templars swore to help the citizens of the shire. More rifts broke through the world at the shire, one attacked the Villagers, another attacked the shire’s main city and others formed at the borders of the shire. The Templars with the help of citizens purged all the rifts within the area. One day two Villagers broke into the Templar’s homeland and stole all of their diamonds. These diamonds went toward fighting rifts and the wealth of the Templars so without the diamonds the Templars couldn’t afford to fight rifts. The Templars fought the Villagers for what was rightfully theirs. They fought with hungry hounds and the will of Gods but it wasn’t enough for the Villagers armor they forged with the diamonds. Sadly the Templars had to back off and lost their funds to fight the rifts. Some Templars still tried to fight rifts but were not well equipped and they fell to the evils of those monsters. Without enough wealth the Templars had to leave the shire and go into hiding for a couple hundred years. One Templar, Urbanviking grew up in a Viking warband. He lead the Templars to the south where they were met by the cold winds of Blue Peaks. The Vikingr of Blue Peaks was converted to the ways of dominant gods of the world. The order remained in hiding with the Vikingr. Without the help of the Templars the shire fell to the rifts and the pinnacle of mankind was destroyed.

During the end of the Age of Rifts. When the First Iron Heart opened, the Templars returned home and rebuilt their old homeland. The Templars expanded and brought wealth from their time being hidden. With new members and regaining power, the Templars found their place in the Ancient World society. Construction of a new arena designed by Templar craftsman began in celebration of Iron Heart’s opening. When Iron Heart was abandoned and New Iron Heart was just a rumor, dawned a new war for the Templars. A faction called the Drow came onto Templar lands. The Templars believed that the Drow were evil because they worshiped Terth. In the Ancient Templar Codex, it states that Terth is the  overlord of the nether and tries to break through the world to conquer those who live on the surface. Terth commands the rifts and the undead to attack all that is holy. The Templars couldn’t allow these underground elves to worship Terth. The Templars spent long hours of praying to all of the gods everyday, which turned into weeks but they were able to banish the Drow from the Ancient World. After the Drow left the world, the Templars continued to help those who could not help themselves.

The Age of Undead began and the New Iron Heart was under construction. The Templars defended their lands and defended near by Biyovsk settlements and towns. The Templars continued to help other factions and defended main parts of the Ancient World like Monsoon Jungle, Molten Valley, Shady Sands and other main settlement areas. The Templars held the line until the Gods could cleanse the land of the undead.

The Gods have returned and the New Iron Heart has been built, The Templars are still here. During the return of the Gods, mortals have entered into a new golden age. The Templars are the richest and most powerful faction in the Ancient World. With what seemed like unlimited resources, the Templars decided to make a shop and recruiting building in New Iron Heart. They also decided to  gain a better presence in New Iron Heart by making a Keep on the outskirts of the city. But with the Wealth and power, caused some Templars to be tainted. Some Templars wanted complete control over other factions and wanted all the wealth in New Iron Heart. Those Templars were blinded by the lust of power and forgot what it meant to be a Templar. For most of the Templars being tainted, the Gods decided to punish the Templars as a whole. Drakortha banished most of the Templars and spared those who remained faithful. Those who were left went their separate ways. Some Templars joined other factions and some stayed together and lived in the half built keep outside of New Iron Heart. Sadly the Templars that stayed together were not able to participate in the worlds tomes or any wars of the golden age.


The Gods have left the Mortals of the Ancient world and put the world into never ending darkness, and the Templars are gone. One Templar, the old GrandMaster returned to the homelands and tried to rebuild what was lost. The GrandMaster could not do this alone, He went to the leader of Biyovsk and asked for help. Biyovsk is a faction that had many cities and villages near the Templar homelands. The Templars and Biyovsk people are very old allies but decided that they should be more. The GrandMaster and leader of Biyovsk formed a new country, the county of Voska. The Templars agreed to protect the citizens of Biyovsk and in return Biyovsk provided supplies and power to the Templar Order. The Country of Voska is the deserts, swamps, and grasslands of the lands north of the Shire or Molten Valley. The Biyovsk is the capital of Voska.

When explorers discovered the continents, the Voskan government jumped on the opportunity to colonize the new world. Voska sent settlers to The Vale on Dagon Fel, Syreon and New Rivandare on Sadrith Mora. Meanwhile, the Templar Order operated the Chapel in Port Orange. They blessed and taught the many travelers, merchants, and mercenaries passing through the port. This ensured the spread and continued worship of the gods to these new lands. Templars also brought relief to Voskan settlements by bringing fresh food, timber, and other commodities traded at the port.

The Undead plagues the world, and Darkness blots out the sun for a second time. The Order fights hard to defend settlements from the invasion of unholy beast and the cold. Upholding their alliance with Voska, Templars reinforce and maintain security in Voskan colonies on the continents.

Orrostar brought new light to the world. With many communities flocking to its beautiful shores, The Templar Order spear-headed the colonization of Orrostar for the Voskan Empire. Templars settled the middle of Orrostar at their post called Harkonnen. They also rekindled an old alliance with the surviving Merchant’s Guild of the Shire. Scorch, the current leader of the Merchants Guild aided the Order, and in return they protected and help rebuild the guild. Unfortunately, when the Order withdrew from Orrostar, Harkonnen was destroyed in a Rift invasion.

After the withdrawal of Orrostar, and the beginning of the Silent Era, the Order dissolved into the Voskan Empire. Old teachings, codes, oaths, and faith in the Gods themselves were lost. As a way to separate religion and state, it was voted that the Order be diminished of it’s powers within the Empire. By official order, Templaric knights would be enlisted into the Voskan legions. This did not sit well with the Order. Many Templars deserted and went into hiding. Open debate of the belief of the gods and their existence became common practice in Voska. Often criticism of the god Drakortha could be heard from the keeps of rulers to the inns of peasants. The Voskan people were tired and angry at the gods. This lasted from the Age of Exploration, to the Age of Artifacts.

Terth began another siege onto the world, this marks the Great Doom of Voska. The leaders of Voska would insult the God of Creation no longer. Drakortha brought upon the Doom of Voska. Voskan people were banished from the earth, settlements were destroyed and wilderness claimed the lands of Voska. The Empire was no more. Templars regained their Independence and Sovereignty over the Homelands. Open worship and love of the Gods returned to the lands. Templars were armed with weapons and armor forged by the Black Iron Dwarves. This enabled them to help defend settlements from Rifts like they did in the first ages of mortals.

Members of the Templars:

  • CossinOne
  • Eyeconic
  • Crazysteve150
  • Urbanviking12312
  • Monkeyman8118(Sir Roderick)
  • “Cody”
  • Emoduckman
  • InfamousMerc
  • Imeois
  • KAE12345
  • Trevboy80808(Uselessghosts)
  • Darkyle2000
  • Nomantear
  • PyroGhostz
  • Sadnax13
  • TomboI3
  • Fincs
  • MeaI
  • Elder_Reaper
  • RlyWhite
  • Cyrc
  • Simpleks
  • Gmuersch(Dirk)
  • Jdogg94
  • Lukasml
  • Yopuu2
  • Alexw1997
  • Miniaturelimo
  • Noblesary
  • Crabbie
  • Halakahiki
  • Inannamoose
  • Alvindawin
  • Sheldon808
  • Halo123fan
  • NinjadudeXD