November 2022 Update

A happy November to all!

Hello friends and a happy November to all of you! Last month we saw some activity return to the server as a mysterious mansion appeared near the Tree of Spirits. Thank you to everyone who participated in the Halloween event and the Halls of Insanity, I hope you all got some nice loots or made some souls! This month we have a smaller update that includes few changes to various plugins, a couple of new features, and a poll for MCMMO resets.

The mysterious mansion is now overgrown by roots from the Tree of Spirits...
The mysterious mansion, now overgrown by roots from the Tree of Spirits…

Advanced Enchantments

This month we see some of the new enchantments that debuted in last months event now added to the regular Minecraft enchantment table! There is now a small chance with every enchant to roll one of these new enhchantments. The following qualities of these new enchantments can be obtained; SIMPLE, UNIQUE, ELITE, ULTIMATE. Documentation about all of these new enchantments can be found here:

*FABLED, LEGENDARY qualities can not currently be obtained through normal means!

Nether Slayer I increases damage done to nether mobs.

Spawn Plots

There are now FIVE plots that have been put up for rent at spawn! These cost 30 Corrupted Souls per day of rental time and are able to be used for any purpose you would like whether that be a spot for your own shops, a faction embassy, or just a home away from home! I only ask that currently they be utilized ONE PER FACTION. If there is a high demand for these plots we can potentially see some more added in the near future!

*/as addfriend will allow you to add your faction mates for building on your rented plot!

A plot that is currently vacant and ready for rental!


Last month I said that we had plans to move over to the paid version of factions. I apologize, but we will not be making the switch this month and it possibly has been pushed back into the new year. I will have more information on when the switch will occur in the future! However, in the meantime, I have gone ahead and made some small changes to current Factions balance as a whole, they are as follows;

  • Player power has been boosted to 20 from 10
  • Added the ability to make claims unconnected from your first claim.
  • Power loss upon death has been upped to -4 from -2

MCMMO Reset Poll

Below is a link to a poll for how we should handle MCMMO resets. Please take a moment to cast a vote. The results will be reviewed next week!

Silk Touch Spawners

Spawners can now be Silk-Touched and upon collection they will retain their spawn! Reminder that spawners can be purchased from the admin shop at spawn!

A spawner that has been picked up using Silk Touch.
A spawner that has been picked up using Silk Touch.

Featured Builds & Footnote

Going forward, if anyone has a build they are particularly proud of or a build that they would just like to show off please feel free to PM some screenshots to me on Discord; Coldwave#5095. I would love to feature some of your builds on the monthly blog posts. Maybe we could see some sort of build competition return in the future as well.

Thank you all for your recent participation in the server through building, grinding, and just playing the game. Looking ahead this month I hope to reconstitute resource buy-backs in the next week or two! I also hope to have another event lined up next month to celebrate Christmas and we might try to hold a server meeting as well if all goes well!

Take a look at our Dynmap to explore The Ancient World:

February 22nd Update!


Hi everyone!

First of all, I apologize for pretty much falling off the face of the planet these past couple months. I haven’t been working on the server during this time but it has still remained in my thoughts.

I’m just going to be humble here with this post so don’t expect any cinematic screenshots or entertaining stories. Just plain information!

I have been thinking about the server more and more as of late and I’ll soon take those first few steps to get it running again. It won’t take long really, I could have the server set up in a weekend if it needed to be (really depends on plugin usage though). But before I commit to any kind of “age” or “theme” for the opening I wanted to consult with you guys first.

What would you like to see from the TAW when it reopens?

I have a few ideas floating around. The Darkness I previewed earlier is the only fully realized idea I have right now, but I could easily move things in any direction. I also thought about doing just plain ol’ factions and opening the whole map again. Though I don’t know what the result of that would be – maybe griefing and looting old bases. I’ll wait to hear what you guys think about that idea.

As for any further discussion you are all welcome to add me on Skype. I should be able to answer your question in either text, voice, or video. Hit me up; drakorthap

Besides that you can also find updates on my Youtube channel Drakortha. I occasionally post Machinima here and also any large announcements regarding the server (such as the opening). Subscribing there is a good way to keep up to date on big news like that.

And finally my email is public for all to use;

If you decide to contact me I appreciate any information you can provide me such as your Minecraft username. On Skype I like to keep in contact with the players and I’m online most days/nights at the moment.

Thanks everyone, and have a great weekend!