From a dusty tome, found in Skyhold

Long ago, voyagers from the nearby island of Dagon Fel sought out to find the lands beyond the horizon and claim them as their own.

Over stormy seas and sweltering deserts, these men were not halted in their desire to discover whatever it was beyond the sunset; Free of the contradictions that are ever-so-present in the days of old.

After reaching the coast of Orrostar, they discovered something that could threaten their well-being on this island. The voyagers discovered that the island would flood. Prophecies from the old world shed some light into the unknown marvels beyond the horizon, but after finding many shipwrecks too far inland to be of coincidence, the men immediately began wondering what they would have to do to stay alive.

They were too far inland to retreat back to the coast, and without knowing how soon the island would flood again, the men decided to look for the highest peak that they could find. A few weeks into their searches, the weather took a turn for the worse, with torrential downpour and lightning slowing their journey. Luckily, the men were able to find shelter on the end of a mountain range, when they became too tired to travel and search anymore.

The men had not realised, however, that they were actually on the highest point in Orrostar. After awaking from their slumber, the group noticed that the weather had returned to normality, but the land below them was completely flooded. With little choice of where they could go, the voyagers transformed into colonists, and started the first settlement on Orrostar since the days of the Ancients. By the time the Mortals colonised Orrostar, the first rendition of Skyhold had long been washed away.

Although the original village has been destroyed long ago, the visions of the original voyagers is still the footprint of the current settlement, a staple in the many towns throughout the continent of Orrostar.