Sir Roderick

Sir Roderick” is a Templar and Mortal in the Ancient World.



Sir Roderick was just a boy trying to survive day by day in the Shire during the First Age of Gods. Spending so much time in the wilderness, the locals of the Shire often called him a “MonkeyMan”. The kind Merchants Guild would let him stay at their inn from time to time. Often he would venture out into the nearby wilderness to scavenge for trinkets and odd items to sell to the Merchants Guild for food. He was promised into the Guild after answering the great question in his interview with the Merchant, Pitbull, “Why is there fuzzy stuff on tennis balls?”.

Joining the Templars

One night, Roderick was sitting outside of the Arrow to the Knee Tavern when he overheard the occupants speak of the horrors they’ve seen. They spoke of tall arching red worm-like structures spewing demonic evil creatures they had thought to be extinct on the surface.

Before their story could be finished, there was a loud thunderous sound. Chaos struck the Shire with confusion and panic when suddenly a knight plated in iron armor appeared. He bared a red-crossed tabard and a thick helmet. He helped lead the people of the Shire to the Templar Holy lands. Tall arching red columns grew from the ground as it attempted to engulf the Templar’s quaint village. With the combined efforts of the Templars and the Shiremen, the second Rift was destroyed. From that day, Roderick swore an oath to combat Terth and all his demonic monstrosities. He left the Shire, and became a Templar.