Shrines And Runestones


In Kal-Buldur Sanctuary, directly underneath the statue, there are four shrines that can be donated experience to unlock enhanced equipment. Simply right click the appropriate lectern to donate experience towards the respective tech. The amount of experience for each tech level can be seen on the sidebar, which can be toggled on and off by using the /Technology command. The amount of experience required to unlock a tech level goes up with each level, as do the strengths of the enhancements. Once a tech level is unlocked, you are then able to hold an enhanceable item in your hands and right click on the anvil in the same room to improve it for a small cost in experience. 

Currently, items such as armor, swords, pickaxes, and bows of the specified materials (Iron, Leather, Gold) are upgradeable. Working as a community to focus on one type of tech may be beneficial to all. Once a technology is unlocked, three days are required to elapse before the next level can be unlocked. One example of an enhancement is that Gold Pickaxes gain the ability to obtain obsidian when mining Stone or Deepslate, as well as increasing their average durability.


Dwarven Runestones established across the lands hold the darkness at bay. For a sum of 4,000 experience, a runestone can be activated for three days, granting buffs to all players inside of its range (Approximately 275 blocks), damaging hostile entities, and even preventing the spawning of some particularly nasty hostile mobs. A few examples of these buffs are: A chance to block a hostile mob’s damage, a chance to recover a small portion of health upon killing an entity, and increased natural armor! 

Do be on the lookout for these Runestones and strive to settle within their range and defend them against the undead, as they will undoubtedly be major targets for the hordes. Without these Runestones, Kal-Buldur sanctuary and the realm will likely fall to darkness.