Shadow Tome

The Shadow Tome is an extremely powerful artifact, long sought after by Terth.

Age of Gods II

It’s presence was first revealed in The Ancient World by the Lord of Light, as a great weapon that Terth will use to destroy the Mortals, if the Dark God gains possession of it. As such, the Mortals were tasked with finding, claiming, and protecting the Tome.

The haunting allure of the Tome caused many Mortal factions to war with one another, as opposed to working together, in a phenomenon known as the Tome Wars. Understanding that Mortals were unable to be trusted yet with this task, the Lord of Light took the book and disappeared, never to be seen again, for centuries.

It is important that a Mortal holds the Tome. Terth can very easily locate other Gods due to their high power centres.

The Dark Moon

During the Age of Exploration, the Lord of Light returned to the Mortals heralding Terth’s return for the tome. The Lord of Light had hidden the tome in several places over the course of centuries, and it’s current resting place was deep within the undead ruins of Ironhammer. A huge force of Mortals stormed the ruins, slaying Dark Minions as they used secret passages and tactics to traverse the now-collapsed corridors and chambers. Eventually, the Shadow Tome was discovered in the main chamber, safely tucked away in a hidden Shrine of Light.

There is no record of who claimed the Tome, but after its discovery, Terth brought about a nether-storm around Castle Windvale. A huge Mortal defence effort saw to the defeat of Terth’s attempts, though it was likely a show of force rather than a real strike. Terth could not risk destroying the Tome.

After the battle, it is known that the Shadow Tome “relocated itself” from it’s original owners possession and into the possession of an Orc who had displayed keen skills in the battle. Or, in other words, it was stolen. That said, many believe that the Shadow Tome only serves the worthy. Many have came forward claiming to be the original owner, but no claims can be confirmed.