Server Rules

We try not to have too many rules on TAW as we feel that too many rules can be a drag.
With that said we do have high standards for player behavior on our server and we expect
you should use common sense while playing.

Our General Rule-set:

  • Do not grief the landscape or player builds.
  • No cheats, mods, or hacks when playing on the server.
  • Do not advertise other servers. Discord servers included.
  • Please treat other players & staff with respect.
  • No exploiting game mechanics (Auto Fishers, Villager Farms, etc.)
  • Keep World Chat Clean.

Breaking any of our rules is punishable with a ban at the admin or moderators discretion. If you need to report a player for breaking our rules but can’t reach a moderator in-game please contact the administrator using our Contact page. Include as much information as you can (player names, in-game coordinates, screenshots). The same Contact page should also be used for all ban appeals.

Rule Trivia

You come across a room with visible Diamond blocks & other valuables inside. The doorway is locked with Blocklocker. Should you knock the walls down with a pickaxe to grab the loot, completely bypassing the locked doorway?

  • No, you should not. This action would go against the spirit of our roleplay server and is considered griefing or even cheating. Not to mention it’s disrespectful.