The Ancient World is filled to the brim with rich player history with countless stories both told and untold. A strong sense of this can be felt in the environment as you traverse the landscape and explore the many desiccated ruins upon the surface of the world.

The passage of time can be seen across the entire world as old and abandoned buildings decay into ruins and become covered in moss and vines when nature reclaims what’s hers.

How does it work?
Every couple of years a team of artists will do passes over the world map to manually “Ruinify” any long abandoned bases that are found. This is done by replacing some blocks with their mossy variant, adding vines, and removing some blocks to give the appearance that decay has occurred.

Additionally, some ruins will be made into passive mob-spawning zones. This is done by introducing a new world-guard with mob-deny flags which differ from the global flags.

If a player chooses to repair and re-occupy a ruin, the world-guard is removed appropriately.