A Rift is Terth’s primary form of invasion on The Ancient World.

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During the process of a Rift, gargantuan tendrils of Nether Rock rise from the land. They crush anything in their path. The tendrils spew flames, and molten lava seeps from the pillars that Mortals cut into them. Terth’s minions guard the rift, and seek out any Mortals nearby. The only consistent way to defeat a rift is to destroy it’s cores, which usually take the form of Obsidian spheres, covered in Spawners.

Rifts have been documented as being more frequent and more powerful during times of war. And thus, peace should be sought after as much as possible.

They have ravaged The Ancient World for millennia and have played a large role in the shaping of the world. They have been directly and indirectly responsible for thousands of player deaths and the loss of cities, countries, and kingdoms. It requires all Mortals – regardless of Race or Creed – to band together to fight a common enemy that threatens the entire realm and all living things.

To learn more about Rifts, their origins, and tactics to defeat them seek out one of the many lore books written by players in-game. They may offer valuable insight.

When a rift is destroyed, it may display one of several behaviours, depending on the climate.

  • In a cold climate, and in a normal climate, a Rift will petrify, turning to stone.
  • In an extremely warm climate, a Rift has a chance of collapsing, turning to sand.

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