we hope you managed to escape your prison,

that you are not still a captive of the one who calls himself father


“Faith? No, none here. Why? Listen here “friend”, I’ve spent most my life looking for answers, going from ruin to ruin, dungeon to dungeon, into fights all over, getting myself out of one tight spot & into the next. You know what I found? Death… at every turn I found death, people’s homes left behind, their loved ones buried, & those that fell in battle, left there, frozen in their last moments, impaled by a sword, or left rotting when the dead got to em. The God’s did nothing for them,& what about me? The God’s never showed up for me the countless times I got into a bad spot, I’ve been cut by the sword, shot with arrows, & broken my bones. Not once did the God’s help me, could have offered some divine intervention at any time. No, the only thing I can believe in now, is a strong sword, & stronger armor. Oh, & those answers I went looking for? Didn’t find em. Matter of fact, feels like I have more now than I ever did, & now I don’t even know where to start. So, I decided to keep doing what I did know. I packed my bag, sharpened my sword, repaired the blows in my armor, & went back to surviving…”


Ragnvaldr is a Mortal, currently residing on Blightfrost Isle. He holds the position of Sentinel within the faction Arcanists & sees to the daily activity within The Citadel, the Arcanists fortress on the Isle.