New Codex Entry – The Covetous Trinity

Three ancient blades, Goldendeer, Wealthbringer, and the Merchant Isle Blade all form a group of artifacts known as the Covetous Trinity.


Goldendeer is a brilliant golden blade that once belonged to a man with visions of grandeur. It brought vast riches to this man, allowing him to make his dreams reality. Thus, he became a king. Like all others, his kingdom fell into ruin through entropic decay.


The Wealthbringer blade is a shining, reflective silver blade that bears the similar ability to bring riches to its wielder, albeit at a somewhat less successful rate. There are many rumors as to what this blade was. It may have belonged to the same king, paired alongside Goldendeer to multiply his wealth. It also may have been a jealous, and failed attempt by another King to match Goldendeer. This blade also having been found in a neighbouring ruined kingdom, it is uncertain if they were allied, or enemies.

Merchant Isle Blade

The Merchant Isle Blade is another golden blade bearing a highly similar finish to that of Goldendeer. Found in a dilapidated ruin of an island far away from the two kingdoms of the other blades, it is unknown if this blade is fully connected to its brethren. Ironically, its ability mirrors Goldendeer in effectiveness.

Age of Ruin

Being ancient history, the history of this trinity are purely speculation. All three have recently been assembled into one hand. This could be a bittersweet reunion of a trinity separated since the death of their respected kingdoms. Or, this could be ancient metal enemies welded together, and allied towards destruction.


New Codex Entry – Ornan’s Dark Plate

Ornan’s Dark Plate is a powerful artifact that used to belong to a zealotic warlord, worshipping a God lost to history.

Age of Rifts II

Aside from its owner, it is unknown who forged this ancient armor or how it was imbued with the powerful dark magic that still courses dimly through its interlocking chains. This mail was able to set the leathers of adventurers into a blaze, or superheat a knight’s armor to fuse with their own flesh. At the same time, granting the wearer the ability to resist its radiant light. During the Second Age of Rifts however, or some time prior, Ornan was killed by a worshipper of Urgathoa. Their slayer donned the mail, and it became a staple of the legends that made many fear their presence.

Age of Order

After the Age of Exile, this worshipper seemingly vanished from the Ancient World, entrusting various bits and pieces of his legacy to various friends, for a time this plate rested in the hands of a long lasting group known for its vast wealth of other numerous artifacts. They locked it away in the deepest reaches of their vaults, hoping to have the worshippers legacy archived forever.

Age of Ruin

The mail was retrieved from its vault by an unknown interloper, and found a new owner. Its current whereabouts are unknown.


New Codex Entry – Terthian Leather

Terthian Leather is a rough, durable type of leather that was made from the hides of old Terthian Warbears.

The Second Age of Rifts

This leather was harvested from the corpses of the giant, hulking Warbears that were used by Terthian soldiers to lay waste to the northern regions of Blue Peaks. One forward operating base west of Nallakad was thriving with these bears. Occasionally, be it hunters, heroes, or fools would venture out to these camps to seek the hides of these beasts. They were remarkably tough, while also retaining their ability to be worked with. However, the task wasn’t so easy, as the finished product made from this hide is fairly uncommon, only resting in the ruins of the world’s smarter inhabitants.

Age of Order

After Terth’s stranglehold of The Ancient World loosened, the camps housing these bears crumbled into dilapidated ruins, the bears dying off either from starvation or injury. While they are presumed extinct, the hides they left behind, and their finished craft are scattered about the ruins of the world. Offering superior protection to that of standard bovine leather, an adventurer garbed in this formidable armor is nothing to scoff at.


TAW’s 10th Year Anniversary + Server Meeting July 5th 12PM EST

server meetingThis Month of July marks the 10th Year Anniversary of the creation of the TAW!

Join us this Sunday July 5th at 12pm EST for a scheduled server meeting, where we will discuss our plans on how we’d like to celebrate the event, as well as other topics related to TAW.

/spawn is now available to visit where you can place topics on the meeting board for discussion.

New Codex Entry – Age of Order

The Age of Order begun shortly after the end of Age of Exile upon the mortals return to the Ancient Realm.

With Terth exiled from the realm and imprisoned on Shaurekoth Durn, this Age brought new life to the world and allowed for the wounds from Ages past to finally heal. It began with the healing of the landscape, which was battered and torn. New coastlines forming, vast forests regrowing, new lakes and rivers forming, as well as biomes shifting. For example; the entire region of Blue Peaks defrosted and became a temperate spruce forest and Sadrith Mora inherited bamboo jungles and new wildlife such as panda bears, and so on.

For Mortals, it kicked off with plans of a new city to call home. So they hit the southern coast of the old mainland and began construction of a new city that would become Voyager’s Wharf.

Voyager’s Wharf – Earliest Days

voyagers wharf.pngVoyager’s Wharf – Later

The Mortals goal for the world was to take the current peaceful state of the world as an opportunity to tame it and bring about a new civilization, and thus moving themselves towards a golden age of law, order, and prosperity for all.

A new god rose up to become the champion and idol of the people. He would become known as Vaestian, Lord of Order (or God of Order),

Unlike the other gods of the realm, Vaestian did not descend from the heavens or hail from another realm. Vaestian rose from the ashes of our great ancestors of the past, and his singular purpose was to serve Mortal-kind in their newfound quest. Risen Alongside him were the Ordinators.


The Ordinators were the eyes and ears of the Lord of Order, Vaestian. As well as his left and right hand. They were there to maintain fairness and order in the land.

Phaelle, Goddess of Light was the 2nd deity to appear during this Age. But unlike Vaestian, she descended from the heavens above and made promises to the Mortals that should darkness ever return to the land, to seek out her light and she would protect them. To prove her devotion to serving the Mortals, she banished the Phantoms that were assaulting Voyager’s Wharf each night since it’s construction began.

Shrines to Phaelle & other gods were constructed around the world as well as in the City’s Cathedral.

Phaelle’s Origin Story – A Deity Descends


The Mr Trustme Murders

While things seemed peaceful in the City of Voyagers Wharf, something sinister was happening under the residents noses. A unnamed man who called himself Mr Trustme was found guilty of multiple grizzly murders – all of which took place within the city walls, in a secret dungeon under his home.

When rumor got out of the murders, the Ordinators went to investigate. Unfortunately for them this was part of Mr Trustme’s plan, and he was prepared for them.

Mr Trustme’s Codex Entry

And so the City Fell into Disarray..

The Ordinators having lost their only surviving senior Ordinator, the City of Voyagers wharf was without Order. And so the cities population lost faith in Vaestian and his promise.

Over time, The Lord’s City was abandoned. The cities population dissipated as it’s once citizens chose a life of banditry, villainy and wilderness pillaging over Vaestian’s promise of a new Age of Order.

The magical barriers that once protected Voyagers Wharf and many other locations around the world began to disintegrate. Ships that were once used for transportation raised up their sails and set off either in search of different lands or to turn to a life of piracy. And the once vibrant city fell into disarray.

The Promise of a Golden Age was over.

Thus began the Age of Ruin.

Important Events

  • The entire world undergoes major healing and reformation. Centuries old battle scars are healed, new mountains and landscapes are formed, and coastlines form new beaches & much more.
  • The City of Voyagers Wharf is constructed with the promise of a new Golden Age.
  • New God Deities Vaestian & Phaelle Reveal themselves.
  • Trade & Commerce returns to the world. Roads are built to connect all major settlements on the mainland, and the lands were set to become more civilized.
  • People are shocked by the rumors of a murderous assailant in the city. The Ordinators investigate – The last remaining senior Ordinator is murdered.
  • Voyagers wharf loses it’s sense of Order, and slowly falls into ruin followed by the rest of The Ancient World.



Easter Egg Hunt Concluded!

Our 2020 Easter Egg Hunt has concluded. Thank you everyone for joining us, and congratulations to all of you who won a prize!2020-04-05_04.35.06

List of Winners in the 1st egg hunt round;

5th Place: Rindane

4th Place: Moabmauler

3rd Place: Ayleids

2nd Place: Ogrul

1st Place: Boyof2004

List of Winners who found the Golden Eggs;


If you missed the event, we have it in it’s entirety posted on Youtube!



Nautilus Taber’s Easter Egg Hunt!


In one week’s time the great easter hunt will kick off! The easter bunnies has had their paws full spreading colorful eggs throughout the entirety of Nautilus Taber. What was once a place of dreary, gray ruins has now had a pinch of cheer sprinkled over it. Combine recreation with a bit of exploration of the Ancient World’s history as you all get together for a race the likes of which Ancient World has never seen before.

So come join the Easter Hunt this Saturday at 12 pm EST / 4 pm GMT


Again! You will be looking for special eggs. These eggs can be found anywhere, everywhere, all over Nautilus Taber. If you can walk there, you can very likely get one! There are a total of 200 eggs spread out across the island and it’s up to you to collect the most to be declared winner of the egg hunt! The eggs are very special, so don’t throw them! We’re serious about this. Handing in a handful of broken shell shards won’t count towards any prize!

Also! There are 200 easter eggs out there but if you’re really a lucky lad you’ll have to look out for the much rarer Golden Easter Eggs. Just by collecting one you’ll get to visit the special artifacts room and trade in every golden egg you’re carrying for an artifact of ages past! You do not need to have the most Easter Eggs to claim an artifact however the amount of easter eggs you collect will determine which turn you get into the room.


That’s right. Prizes! You will have 45 minutes to collect as many eggs as you possibly can carry in hopes of hoarding the highest amount! Depending on how many participate, the top three or five will get the opportunity to claim prizes.

The way it works:
There will be a list of items to choose from in the prize stash. The first place gets first dibs on which one they wish to claim and then that item will become unavailable. After that, second place comes in and chooses one from the remaining items on the list, then the third, the fourth and so on.



  • You will not have to dig through excessive amounts of blocks to reach a chest. Nor are you required to swim deep into the ocean, leave the main island, travel deep way underground or climb up to roofs or the tops of trees. Every chest can be reached without the use of building or digging.
  • Armor, weapons and other general gear is not required. By all means bring your standard pickaxe, shovel and axe in if you really have to dig yourself through obstacles. Additionally, leave pearls, potions, elytras and whatnot, at home.
  • Keep your hands to yourself. No fighting, no killing. Do not duel eachother over the eggs. It is a race, not a deathmatch. Anyone who shows up as having killed someone else will immediately be disqualified (unless the circumstances were really, really accidental).
  • When the go is given everyone will have 45 minutes to hunt eggs. Once the time has expired a secondary timer of 5 minutes will initiate. This is your queue to haul back to the start. Anyone who is not back at the start once the five minutes are up will be disqualified.
  • If you throw any of the eggs they will become invalid. You will not be compensated. Don’t throw them!


We will start off at the designated time and mingle around for a while to let anyone late have the chance to show up and to also go over rules, questions and other inquiries. Drinks and food will be provided but you are welcome to bring your own.

If anyone arrives late they may still participate with the hunting granted there’s time left but you will only get to hunt for the remainder of the clock.

In the (unlikely) event of a tie. The player who arrived back to the start first will come ahead in the scoring.

Everyone who simply participates will get a small token to commemorate the event! As a thanks for showing up and playing.

If you don’t feel like actually running around for eggs you’re welcome to mingle around the start. You’ll still get a token for coming!

Even if you don’t win you’ll walk away with at least something! Of course, after the event Nautilus will need cleaning up. When you’re out and about egg hunting feel free to knock down the easter chest. For every chest you hand in afterwards we’ll pay you two emeralds!

Server Meeting Concluded

community meeting concludedOur first meeting of 2020 has concluded. Topics of discussion were mobs on the server, artifacts, events, and more. This was a livestreamed event so if you missed out you can catch up! More announcements coming soon.



Server Meeting – This Saturday 12PM EST

server meeting

We are calling our first server meeting of the year. With Euloria and most of The Ancient World in ruin, we’ve had to setup a new area for this meeting to be possible.

Reach the new (temporary?) meeting area at /spawn, then go down the secret stairs beside the Drakortha shrine.

secret stairs

This will be a voiced event so feel free to join us in the Discord voice channel for the event. However, we want to keep it civil and on track. There will be times to ask questions and then time for answers. Basically, please do not use it for off-topic discussions, jokes, memes, or inviting non-TAW friends into the channel. We aim to be productive with our meetings, and our moderators will take action when necessary.

For those not using voice feel free to ask your questions in the in-game chat or the general discord channel where they can be read. The meeting board is also the best place to post your questions or topic requests so that we don’t miss anything.

See you all this Saturday at 12PM EST!

Visit the meeting area now and place your sign on the board ahead of schedule
(the /spawn command is now active for this purpose)


TAW Membership Additions + New Pets!

Two features have been added for Members and New Pets are available for Donators


Membership Additions

After a short hiatus due to updating our server, Portals have returned for TAW Members. However, our data from the previous version is no longer usable. If you had portals during the last age you will need to construct new portals. Limit of 4 Portals

  • Double MCMMO XP

Starting now all TAW Members will receive double XP gain to all of their MCMMO skills. Give yourselves the edge you need to survive in an unforgiving world.

To see all of the features and benefits you gain as a Member, visit the Membership Page

New Pets

10 New Pets have been added to the roster of available pets for purchase in our Donation Shop. These new Pets & their allocated tiers are as follows;

Tier 1 – $2 Donation

  • Parrot
  • Bee

Tier 2 – $5 Donation

  • Cat
  • Drowned
  • Husk

Tier 3 – $8 Donation

  • Horse
  • Llama
  • Donkey

Tier 4 – $10+ Donation

  • Wither Skeleton
  • Stray

To see all currently available pets visit the Store Page