Server Back Online

Our Server is back online and is running TAW | Age of Exile on Minecraft version 1.12.2.

When are we going back to our main TAW map?

In the future.

When The Ancient World returns it will be on a much newer version of Minecraft than we’re on now. That’s all I can really say – I don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to TAW at this time. I hope that in the future we can return to our old map and do it the justice it deserves.

The Ancient World Burns Down

It’s a true story, and it’s a tragic one. The Ancient World has burned down.

The good news is I keep a million backups of everything, so we’re alright.

So I’ll see you all on the other side.

General view of firefighters working to extinguish a fire at the French cloud computing company OVHcloud in Strasbourg, France, March 10, 2021

Closure of the TAW Discord

On May 1st the official TAW Discord will be shutting down.

Over the past several years Discord has assisted us in bringing you the latest TAW news & updates in an accessible way and acted as a platform where you could chat and share experiences with other TAW players. While the benefits of having a Discord cannot be understated, the closure of our Discord is simply my own personal wish to no longer operate a public Discord server for reasons I have stated below.

What made you want to close our Discord?
I have several reasons that led me to this decision.

Moving forward with TAW I would like to utilize other methods of keeping everyone informed of updates. We have a website, for example, where the most important announcements are posted as well as my Youtube channel where I upload trailers and other videos. I might also look into Newsletter methods that send important news by email. Scheduled server meetings and a spawn area with a news board was how we traditionally did things, and I’d like for us to try to go back to that in the future where our spawn zones are the centralized point of our community instead of a separate server.

At the worst of times our public Discord server acted as a second platform for drama. An issue that was prevalent during active times was the amount of alt accounts, trolls, and other shenanigans that went on in our Discord while simultaneously we were trying to operate the Minecraft server.

With half of our attention always on operating a public Discord only half of our attention could be focused on The Ancient World itself. This, I feel, was valuable time and energy that was lost. This is something I would like to avoid moving forward for the next Chapter of The Ancient World. And by shutting down our Discord now and not depending on it for future ages, we will avoid falling into this pitfall again.

With the Discord gone, how will I keep in touch with my friends at TAW?
The TAW Discord will not be closing until May 1st. This should give adequate time to friend request others in our Discord or even organize and create your own.

I encourage everyone to send me a friend request if they’d like to keep a direct line with me. Alternatively you can email me directly.

How will we keep up with the latest news without a Discord?
The Ancient World has been running for over 10 years. For about 7 of those years we didn’t have a Discord. I’m sure we’ll manage.

The biggest and most important announcements will always appear on this website and video trailers on my Youtube channel. So please subscribe if you haven’t already, and bookmark this website. For everything else you can probably log into TAW itself to see what’s new.

My Discord: Drakortha#3555
Subscribe to my Youtube Channel: Drakortha Productions
Email me:

TAW’s 10th Anniversary!

TAW is Celebrating 10 years since it’s creation back in July 2010! The world has evolved so much in this time. The world has changed it’s shape and formed entirely new lands. Empires have risen and fallen, war has been fought and peace times have come and gone. Every action and every decision made has left it’s footprint on TAW in one way or another.

To celebrate our achievements & as a showcase of the evolution of TAW over the years, will be hosting a Downloads page where everyone will be able to download a plethora of TAW content – Snapshots of the world dating back to the earliest years will be available, as well as snapshots leading up to current year.

These Downloads will be available for the Month of December Only. So do not wait too long or you risk missing out!

What will be Included?

  • TAW Snapshots for each of the 10 Years (Excluding 2010, we no longer have these snapshots unfortunately. Old maps will be provided)
  • Map Renders for each Snapshot will be provided for the convenience of quick overview.
  • Bonus Worlds: Aquatic, The Empire, The New World, & More
  • Extra Content such as Promotional Videos, Wallpapers, & Images that were created for TAW over the years.

New Codex Entry – Noxus


“The Grand Cross, Noxus, or simply II. They had many names that spanned across their history. As kingdoms fell to rot, decay and entropy, Noxus only grew stronger.”

Noxus is an older empire dating back to the Age of Artifacts. Originally housed in a large, sprawling ancient ruin in between Night and Ironhammer, the reformed empire now resides in the southern regions of the Ancient World, in a desolate wasteland wracked by their endless weaponry tests, pollution and dark incantations.

The Leader

  • Arvein, The Sovereign

The Council

  • Redamisa, the Head of Strategy
  • Witherking Necroseus
  • T̸h̶̾̃e̵͕̞͊ ̷̻̀̑O̴̦̍̑t̴͖̓h̵͆̅e̶͝ͅr, Xeranok


  • FateStay
  • FatalDeath
  • Adrien_Vieciel
  • Curlyy
  • NiceTryFBI
  • Terryn_Greystone
  • AeroDynamics2



New Codex Entry – Meteorite Ingots

Long ago, back when the presence of Gods brought both order and chaos to the Ancient World, the skies saw showers of meteors. These large meteors were found in the smoking craters that littered now ancient battlegrounds, ruined kingdoms, or overgrown meadows. Inside their rocky exteriors were valuable, glistening metal ores like no other. This strong, otherworldly alloy was only dubbed as a Meteorite Ingot. Rumored to be the Gods’ chosen material for the forging of various artifacts, there are some scholars that believe with this rumor that all artifacts are somewhat connected.

Age of Artifacts, and the Second Age of Rifts

During these ages, meteors were very common and sporadic in how they struck the world. Often occurring near or directly on top of the creations and buildings of mortals, they were often thought to be related to Terth, the God of Darkness. However, inconclusive evidence was provided for this to be the case. The meteors were distinct and otherworldly, not possessing any form of Terth’s signature corruption. Rarely, some of these meteors core’s would house this alloy. It is unknown if this metal was used by the Gods to forge artifacts, or if it was given so commonly by mortals as a base material that it became the standard.

Age of Exile

Due to all mortals being banished into an unknown plane of the void, outside phenomena could not occur, and meteor showers and their prized ore went unheard of during this strange age.

Age of Ruin

During the present day, meteor showers are now very rare, almost non-existent in the Ancient World. Any meteors found in craters on the surface are usually old and stripped of their precious materials. The only ingots left in existence are currently in unknown hands. The Gods have unfortunately left the Ancient World, so this alloy’s beauty is now in the eyes of its beholder.


New Codex Entry – The Covetous Trinity

Three ancient blades, Goldendeer, Wealthbringer, and the Merchant Isle Blade all form a group of artifacts known as the Covetous Trinity.


Goldendeer is a brilliant golden blade that once belonged to a man with visions of grandeur. It brought vast riches to this man, allowing him to make his dreams reality. Thus, he became a king. Like all others, his kingdom fell into ruin through entropic decay.


The Wealthbringer blade is a shining, reflective silver blade that bears the similar ability to bring riches to its wielder, albeit at a somewhat less successful rate. There are many rumors as to what this blade was. It may have belonged to the same king, paired alongside Goldendeer to multiply his wealth. It also may have been a jealous, and failed attempt by another King to match Goldendeer. This blade also having been found in a neighbouring ruined kingdom, it is uncertain if they were allied, or enemies.

Merchant Isle Blade

The Merchant Isle Blade is another golden blade bearing a highly similar finish to that of Goldendeer. Found in a dilapidated ruin of an island far away from the two kingdoms of the other blades, it is unknown if this blade is fully connected to its brethren. Ironically, its ability mirrors Goldendeer in effectiveness.

Age of Ruin

Being ancient history, the history of this trinity are purely speculation. All three have recently been assembled into one hand. This could be a bittersweet reunion of a trinity separated since the death of their respected kingdoms. Or, this could be ancient metal enemies welded together, and allied towards destruction.


New Codex Entry – Ornan’s Dark Plate

Ornan’s Dark Plate is a powerful artifact that used to belong to a zealotic warlord, worshipping a God lost to history.

Age of Rifts II

Aside from its owner, it is unknown who forged this ancient armor or how it was imbued with the powerful dark magic that still courses dimly through its interlocking chains. This mail was able to set the leathers of adventurers into a blaze, or superheat a knight’s armor to fuse with their own flesh. At the same time, granting the wearer the ability to resist its radiant light. During the Second Age of Rifts however, or some time prior, Ornan was killed by a worshipper of Urgathoa. Their slayer donned the mail, and it became a staple of the legends that made many fear their presence.

Age of Order

After the Age of Exile, this worshipper seemingly vanished from the Ancient World, entrusting various bits and pieces of his legacy to various friends, for a time this plate rested in the hands of a long lasting group known for its vast wealth of other numerous artifacts. They locked it away in the deepest reaches of their vaults, hoping to have the worshippers legacy archived forever.

Age of Ruin

The mail was retrieved from its vault by an unknown interloper, and found a new owner. Its current whereabouts are unknown.


New Codex Entry – Terthian Leather

Terthian Leather is a rough, durable type of leather that was made from the hides of old Terthian Warbears.

The Second Age of Rifts

This leather was harvested from the corpses of the giant, hulking Warbears that were used by Terthian soldiers to lay waste to the northern regions of Blue Peaks. One forward operating base west of Nallakad was thriving with these bears. Occasionally, be it hunters, heroes, or fools would venture out to these camps to seek the hides of these beasts. They were remarkably tough, while also retaining their ability to be worked with. However, the task wasn’t so easy, as the finished product made from this hide is fairly uncommon, only resting in the ruins of the world’s smarter inhabitants.

Age of Order

After Terth’s stranglehold of The Ancient World loosened, the camps housing these bears crumbled into dilapidated ruins, the bears dying off either from starvation or injury. While they are presumed extinct, the hides they left behind, and their finished craft are scattered about the ruins of the world. Offering superior protection to that of standard bovine leather, an adventurer garbed in this formidable armor is nothing to scoff at.