February 2022 Update

Attention citizens of The Ancient World, it is I Vaestian! I bring news on behalf of the staff but allow me to reintroduce myself. I do admit that my appearance has been brief over the last few ages, but I am the God of Order. I am here to serve the people and keep peace and prosperity in the world. I am happy to report that the staff has been hard at work on the server.

Here are some features:

  • New spawn location in the ruins of Villager’s Wharf.
  • /spawn will take you to the Tree of Spirits at spawn.
  • Portal room is operational with several locations and more to come!
  • McMMO has been readded to the server.
  • All players now have access to /lore command to add some flavor text to items.

If you would like to have a portal added to your base or a specific location linked with the portal chamber, feel free to message Frostfaith or Vaestian.

Tree of Spirits at the ruins of Villager’s Wharf

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New Map Render Available

A new map render of TAW is now available as a Download.

This one looks a lot different than our map renders of the past but it functions mostly the same way. Since Minecraft version 1.13 I’ve been unable to make new renders using our old mapping software because it’s either been outdated, or the newer development versions don’t seem to want to play nice with TAW.

While I’m personally not 100% satisfied with this new render, it’s all we have for now. So I hope you all find it useful in the meantime.

TAW Re-Opening

TAW will be re-opening this Friday at 5pm EST.

  • We will be running the new version 1.18.1
  • Due to performance issues we have had to replace the Medieval Factions plugin and will now be using Factions3. Please report any bugs you find!
  • Please refrain from raiding anyone who hasn’t had the chance to re-claim their chunks yet. This grace period will last until Monday.

TAW closed for Maintenance

TAW has closed for maintenance. Check back here for updates on when we will be re-opening as well as other news and updates. If you would like to receive email notifications when we post news you can subscribe by entering your email address below:

Medieval Factions

The previous Factions plugin we were using was buggy and was causing crashes on the server. It’s now been removed and replaced with a new plugin called Medieval Factions.

Medieval Factions is a system of mechanics that allows for the simulation of sovereign nations in Minecraft. Players can create nations, claim territory, engage in warfare or politics, write laws or hold dueling tournaments, and generally are able to attempt to recreate society somewhat.

Read the User Guide to get started!

TAW 1.18 is Here!

(Mythic Texture Pack)

TAW version 1.18 has arrived! Currently there is no Whitelist and the server is open to all. Here’s some the basics you need to know;

  • We’re running a Beta Factions plugin. Please report any issues
  • Voyagers Wharf remains our main spawn area, and is a safe zone. You are permitted to build in this area if you choose
  • I hope in the future we can expand the world map with new 1.18 landmasses
  • /sethome & /home commands are available for the moment.

The Ancient World is Returning

After almost 9 months in limbo, The Ancient World will be making a return before the end of 2021. You can expect TAW to re-open on the day of December 1st.

The server will be set up with essential plugins only, and so for the most part it will be a Vanilla Factions server and it will be running without a whitelist.

Visit the Join TAW page for important info such as connect info, Minecraft version number, and other resourceful links.

For any questions you can contact the administrator on Discord. #Drakortha3555

I hope to see you all again this December 1st