orrostar wow


A very large landmass composed of a large majority of the biomes that were available to Minecraft at the time of it’s creation. Orrostar contained: A vast desert, three large mountain chains as well as several more mountain peaks in the west, desert canyons that fell appx. 15 meters, large swaths of forest, and gorgeous beaches with palm trees cover the majority of Orrostar’s landscape.


Orrostar was created in Worldpainter. Compared to natural generation, the caves are few and far between. Ore generation was also modified – Emerald veins could number as many as 10, and many believe that diamonds are a much rarer sight.

Many of the builds on Orrostar reflect on the type of claiming system that was used – Towny. A forced limit on the number of Towns that could exist pushed players to work together more than ever, but it also created some of the most bitter rivalries that were possible.

Unique Features:

The Great Gravel Road – A gravel road that winds throughout the forests and hills of Orrostar to connect every major and minor base/hub to the greater whole.

Orrostar was the first time horses were encountered, making long travels by land less time consuming and creating a very large market for fast horses.

Ages of Relevance:

Age of Orrostar

Age of Exploration

Age of Darkness II

Vile Mountain:

Vile Mountain is a large mountainous land form which appeared out of a major volcanic cataclysm on Orrostar. It was part of a chain of events which started with the eruption of Red Mountain on Dagon Fel, leading the world into another dark age.

The ensuing eruption caused major devastation to all things on Orrostar, turning the once vibrant continent into an inhospitable wasteland.