Ornan’s Dark Plate

Ornan’s Dark Plate is a powerful artifact that used to belong to a zealotic warlord, worshipping a God lost to history.

Age of Rifts II

Aside from its owner, it is unknown who forged this ancient armor or how it was imbued with the powerful dark magic that still courses dimly through its interlocking chains. This mail was able to set the leathers of adventurers into a blaze, or superheat a knight’s armor to fuse with their own flesh. At the same time, granting the wearer the ability to resist its radiant light. During the Second Age of Rifts however, or some time prior, Ornan was killed by a worshipper of Urgathoa. Their slayer donned the mail, and it became a staple of the legends that made many fear their presence.

Age of Order

After the Age of Exile, this worshipper seemingly vanished from the Ancient World, entrusting various bits and pieces of his legacy to various friends, for a time this plate rested in the hands of a long lasting group known for its vast wealth of other numerous artifacts. They locked it away in the deepest reaches of their vaults, hoping to have the worshippers legacy archived forever.

Age of Ruin

The mail was retrieved from its vault by an unknown interloper, and found a new owner. Its current whereabouts are unknown.