Ordinators are the eyes and ears of the Lord of Order, Vaestian. As well as his left and right hand. They are here to maintain fairness and order in the land, and act as server Moderators. If you ever need any help or advice you can always count on our Ordinators to help out, so reach out to them if you see them online in-game or on our Discord.

Current Ordinators;

  • DeniedOverkill
  • Coldwave
  • Osumaro

ordinator law.jpg


Ordinator Laws are not to be confused with Server Rules. Ordinator Laws are RP laws that are set for citizens of the city to assist in keeping order. They do not deal with wilderness raiders, brigands, or factioners. Breaking said laws will result in fines, imprisonment, and even exile from the city.

High Ranking Ords double as server moderators who enforce server rules OOC.

Some of the following laws discussed so far:

  • No stealing from players at spawn (Jail, then exile if reoccurring)
  • Terth Worship and Terthian items are outlawed (Will be confiscated + defaced) Punishment: (Banishment from spawn town and public humiliation – God disapproval)
  • Lord Worship is frowned upon (Gods must be found in the cathedral at spawn) Punishment: (Jail and possibly a sermon from a priest or another method of brainwas- … converting)
  • No bad talking the Ordinators or the Gods – they are here to help (Fine of 3 gold ingots, jail if not able to pay)
  • Gold armor is not allowed as it is impersonation of an Ordinator (Warning, then fine of 5 gold ingots, then jail)

ordinator code.jpg

Citizens are not the only ones who must follow a guideline to avoid strife. The Ordinators themselves have their own code they must adhere to when they are sworn in. The PRIMARY focus for any Ordinator (RP Ordinator or Otherwise) are to be a helpful presence to all citizens of TAW. We don’t want to give the impression that all Ordinators do is enforce laws – laws are only enforced for the betterment of all Mortals in the interest of peacekeeping. An Ordinators day to day duties will be welcoming new arrivals, assisting them, providing conflict resolution to all and much more.

Ordinator Code:

  • Assist citizens to the best of their ability in all matters. If a task is too great, it may be referred to a higher ranking Ordinator.
  • When passing by a shrine to the Lady or Vaestian, an Ordinator must offer a small prayer.
  • All golden items confiscated by Ordinators must be smelted down into bars if applicable and placed in the Ordinator vault. Taking the gold for their own benefit is a serious crime worthy of demotion.
  • Heretical items must be offered to the gods by Ordinators so that their powers may be drained and destroyed. Failure to do so will result in Demotion and Banishment.
  • Maintain golden armor at all times, to ensure the citizens know who can aid them at a moments notice.
  • Assist fellow mortals against the manifestations of Terth whenever and wherever possible.
  • Never harm another mortal unless such person has been banished from spawn town and is acting aggressively.
  • Do not jail a citizen unless there is the proper justification. The citizen must be guilty of breaking a city law.