Netherite Armor

This armor was salvaged during the age of ruin. When all gods, including Terth, were all in a dormant state. So, players took advantage of this and entered the nether to scavenge for resources.

And in his absence, they found many chunks of a brownish metal, flowerlike in its shape and covered in strange runes. When the intrepid adventurers smelted it down and combined it with gold, they gained an amazing advantage over all mobs in the lands. However, when in the age of spirits the gods reawoke, the nether was once again locked off to the players. The lucky people who had this material, would come to be known as the greatest warriors of the age. This armor, as it’s origin was from the fiery hellscape known as the nether, had a natural resistance to being burned and things of the sort. Due to the density of being layered on top of diamond armor, it is quite heavy and reduces the effects of knockback. May all those who are in possession of this armor use it for a good purpose, against Terth, and not for evil things. It’s power is great, use it wisely. For better or for worse it is your power.