During the age of order, a voyagers wharf had been introduced to the civillians of the ancient worlds, which provided unity and harmony. with several gods blessing the community, they simply had nothing to fear. However, at some point it changed. Civillians of voyagers wharf started picking up on an abandoned looking residence at the end of the street, owned by a disfigured blind named mrtrustme. nodbody knew how to welcome this mysterious individual, but they felt a need to trust him out of respect. Unfortunately to anybody who had done just that were to suffer a grusome death, as mrtrustme had been revealed as a vile serial killer. eventually his wicked acts had awoken the gods, to which he was smited by the lord of vaestian. To this day it is still unknown how mrtrustme had snuck his way into the community and or bypassed world guard control. perhaps one of the gods has a more sinister future for voyagers wharf, and is nothing as they seem.