Monviride, the God of Many Layers, is a little-known god who has fallen into obscurity. At this time, the only decoumented mention of his/her existence is in an abandoned church of unknown age erected in its honor. This church resides in Terth Valhalla.

Due to this deity’s description (“One of Many Layers” perhaps referencing the deity’s affiliation with the concept of complexity, or the idea of mind, body and soul) and proximity to several settlements of wizards, it can be hesitatingly categorized as a demigod or spirit of magical practice.


  • Moncan be taken from Latin as “warn”, or “remind”.
  • Viride,roughly translates as “green”.
  • Combining this translation with the nickname “Of Many Layers” results in a likely reference to Shrek – a character which is often “worshipped” in the name of comedy.