Meteorite Ingots

Long ago, back when the presence of Gods brought both order and chaos to the Ancient World, the skies saw showers of meteors. These large meteors were found in the smoking craters that littered now ancient battlegrounds, ruined kingdoms, or overgrown meadows. Inside their rocky exteriors were valuable, glistening metal ores like no other. This strong, otherworldly alloy was only dubbed as a Meteorite Ingot. Rumored to be the Gods’ chosen material for the forging of various artifacts, there are some scholars that believe with this rumor that all artifacts are somewhat connected.

Age of Artifacts, and the Second Age of Rifts

During these ages, meteors were very common and sporadic in how they struck the world. Often occurring near or directly on top of the creations and buildings of mortals, they were often thought to be related to Terth, the God of Darkness. However, inconclusive evidence was provided for this to be the case. The meteors were distinct and otherworldly, not possessing any form of Terth’s signature corruption. Rarely, some of these meteors core’s would house this alloy. It is unknown if this metal was used by the Gods to forge artifacts, or if it was given so commonly by mortals as a base material that it became the standard.

Age of Exile

Due to all mortals being banished into an unknown plane of the void, outside phenomena could not occur, and meteor showers and their prized ore went unheard of during this strange age.

Age of Ruin

During the present day, meteor showers are now very rare, almost non-existent in the Ancient World. Any meteors found in craters on the surface are usually old and stripped of their precious materials. The only ingots left in existence are currently in unknown hands. The Gods have unfortunately left the Ancient World, so this alloy’s beauty is now in the eyes of its beholder.