Memento Mori


Memento Mori is a small faction of two Keepers dedicated to honouring the dead and reclaiming relics of the past. The Keepers seek out relics so that they may restore them to former use, as well as documenting the history surrounding the item. The Keepers believe that mortals cannot move forward without knowing their past, else they are doomed to repeat it.


The Ossuary is a large tower structure in the North West district of Oak’s Rest. Three of its entrances are guarded by dragons, each bearing a portal. In the front, there is a small cemetery with a cenotaph. Under the Ossuary, there is a multi-levelled crypt, filled with relics and artefacts from the past and present. Items are displayed for all to enjoy and learn about, including bones of forgotten demigods and champions, armours and weapons lost in battles, as well as maps and artwork from around the continents. There is an observation deck that overlooks the village, accessible from the North Dragon Portal for all to use and enjoy.

In addition to relic seeking, the Keepers are dedicated to seeing Oak’s Rest expand and become a central hub for all forms of trades. Memento Mori has a shop located West of spawn (South of the Ossuary) having a variety of items for sale. As well as having a stable North of town (East of the Ossuary) selling horses and horse related items.


Keeper of Bones – Zeyev

Keeper of Ruins (Wanderer) – SchwarzFenrir