Mayflower Wolves

Mayflower is a Mortal, sorcerer, and member of the Siberian Faction.

Character History

Early childhood

Mayflower, as a child, grew up having reoccurring dreams taking place at her Aunt’s big house that was made of cobblestone and stone bricks in a time long forgotten. She had only visited the home once at the age of six, years prior to the start of these dreams, and yet still they persisted despite having no contact with her Aunt.

The dreams contained visions of the house full of vampires surrounding the home, wielding torches, swords and axe. These vampires turned out to be Mayflower’s family along with her aunt, whom she also dreamed of. Mayflower’s parents died when she was a baby due to a huge storm and they were on a boat, so her aunt had to watch over for her. In her dreams she would ask her aunt if she can stay with her forever, but she told her she can’t. However, Mayflower was never told why.

As she grew older and came of adult age, and the dreams did not stop, Mayflower decided that there must be more to the dreams, so she decided to set out with a friend of hers on a journey across the Mainland to visit her Aunt, hoping to discuss the dreams, which had now been reoccurring for several years. She left with only a small pack of supplies, some Quartz to spend on food, and her favorite bow, the flame kind.

The Aunt

Mayflower arrived at her Aunt’s house between four to six weeks later. After being treated to a fine meal, she told her aunt about the dreams. Originally trying to brush the dreams off as nothing, her aunt welcomed Mayflower regardless, to stay as long as she liked. Feigning acceptance, Mayflower took shelter in the guest house, but upon nightfall, took back to the house and snuck in, searching for any clues around the house of the source of her dreams. She had not come all this way for nothing.

Repeating this process several nights in a row, Mayflower eventually found a Dark Gem in her Aunt’s cellar, hidden in an empty keg. Confronting her aunt about this, Mayflower was finally told the truth – That her Aunt was her biological mother, an ancient vampire herself, and was only trying to protect Mayflower the whole entire time from getting bitten by other vampires and turned into a vampire.

Her aunt explained to Mayflower that when her parents died she brought her to her home- the big house May has been dreaming about -to take care of her. May’s mother was the twin sister of her aunt, the reason why she was so close to her. Unfortunately, Mayflower couldn’t stay with her aunt forever. This was due to her Aunt’s leading involvement with the Witcher’s Guild, a group of Ancient Vampires who dedicated to the hunting of villagers within The Ancient World.

Mayflower trained for several years under her Aunt’s guidance until she finally joined the Witcher’s Guild. However, Mayflower has three personalities, The Wicked, The Warrior, and The Peaceful. In this case, The Vampire, The Wolf, and The Nature. Yes, Mayflower shape-shifts into these characters, a power she earned in the Witcher’s Guild by using the Dark Gem her Aunt owned.


Mayflower currently resides in Siberia where she found herself a nice and cozy family.