Ironhammer is the name of the Dwarven fortress in Blue Peaks that was once home to the entire Mortal population of The Ancient World, during the Age of Darkness.

Prior to this, it had been the Faction Home for the Ironhammer Dwarves faction.

Ironhammer Dwarves

Ironhammer was built by the Ironhammer Dwarven Clan. under the guidance of Ethendel.

Scriptures containing the exact construction date and details are not currently known, but the structure was complete by the Age of Gods II.

During the events preceding the end of the Age of Gods II, The City of the Ancients was destroyed and the Mortals sought refuge at Ironhammer, which became The Ancient World’s last bastion of hope.

Age of Darkness

The Age of Darkness saw Ironhammer become the central spawn for the server. During this Age, Ironhammer was the hub city, and had a housing sector for Mortals to build a home, as well as a tavern. After several attempted invasions and rifts on the site, Terth eventually succeeded in driving the Mortals out of Ironhammer and occupied it with his own forces, who would later mostly abandon it to pursue the Mortals on the Continents and Orrostar.

The Dark Moon

Upon the rise of the Dark Moon during the Age of Exploration, it was revealed that the Shadow Tome, after disappearing with the Lord of Light in the Age of Gods II, had been hidden in a Chamber of Light within Ironhammer’s depths, accessible through the central chamber. The Tome slipped Terth’s senses due to the magical traits of the chamber in which it had been held. It was placed there after Terth’s initial capture and subsequent scouring of Ironhammer. Therefore, the God of Darkness did not suspect that the Tome would be within Ironhammer.