Ironhammer – The Darkness

ironhammer beta.png

enter darkness.jpg

Terth may be defeated and banished in our current Age. But that isn’t the case in other places in space and time.

Travel back in time 2000 years to battle Terth and his minions in a time long known as the Age of Darkness, when Terth and his minions were at their most powerful. Bring back trophies and artifacts that were thought to be lost to time.


Ironhammer – The Darkness Dungeon World can be reached by fighting through the depths of the decrepit Ironhammer Ruin. Defeat the Spider Queen that guards the Dungeon Portal, and you may enter.

  • Classic 1.8 Combat
  • Powerful Monsters
  • Harsh Weather
  • Rift Events
  • Return with the loot & XP that you earned (unavailable in Beta)

Ironhammer – The Darkness will be the first release in our new line of Membership Worlds. We will be running the first BETA event this weekend for all players.