Gro is an ancient orc, known for his energy and brutality throughout the Ancient World. He is thought to be one of the last of the traditional species of Orc, and one of the only pure breeds left in existence to current knowledge. Gro himself states his long survival is connected to the ‘time-weave’, and the teachings he learned from ‘MASTER-SHAMAN’ of the Orc exclaves.

Gro has not spoken about his upbringing in the ‘Orc exclaves’, and it is unknown if it is a specific place within the world or a point in which Gro traces back his life to. This had led to many tall-tales revolving not only about the ‘Orc-exclaves’, but about Gro himself; even resulting in nine reports of his death through various periods, all of which ended up being false.

Gro had a temporary experience as an elf during the second Age of Rifts, but was crushed by sand. He got better.