Eulorian Gods

The Eulorian Gods are the oldest known force in The Ancient World. They came from Euloria, the oldest known lands in The Ancient World, and it is believed that their power is deeply connected to this place.

The God of Creation

The God of Air

The God of Wealth

New Age Gods

New Age Gods became known to mortals in later ages and do not have strong ties to the distant past, but serve mortals in more current ages.

The God of Order

Goddess of Light

The Dark God

Terth, the God of Darkness, has plagued the land since the first Gods rose from Euloria. He opposes all who represent the forces of good, Gods and Mortals alike.

Terth, God of Darkness


First seen during the Age of Gods II, a ring of Demigods rose up and fought against Terth’s forces. Though not as powerful as the Eulorian Gods, the Demigods had a valuable affinity with the Mortals, and were able to rally heroes to aid them in their goals. Most have now vanished from the realm of man.

The Demigods are often referred to as Lords to better distinguish them from the other Gods.

The Lord of Light

The Lord of War

Shumen-ti, The Lord of Harvest

The Lord of Sensation

The Lord of Seas

Prayer Logic

Prayer Logic is the system that allows Gods to gain power through worship, tribute, or in Terth’s case, death.

Other Deities

These are deities who either require further research to categorize, whose existence is debatable, or who are worshipped in cultures foreign to the Ancient World.