God of Order

The God of Order, Vaestian, is the embodiment of civilization. He praises those who follow the rules agreed upon by communities and factions. Mortals who build roads, capture or kill pillagers, slay monsters, trade fairly between each other and villagers, commit to alliances, and protect one another can gain favor with Vaestian. His order brings peace and prosperity to The Ancient World. Without his graceful presence, the world falls into the chaotic hands of his nemesis, Terth. Vaestian hates those who break the foundations of society by murdering, stealing, cheating at a fair game.

Mortal Life

    Vaestian is of Templar descent, knowing and protecting the Eulorian God’s wills from an early age. He was born and raised within the walls of Cossin City; faith and law were drilled into him. Templar citizens undergo mandatory conscription into the city garrison to squire under knights in adulthood. Sensing a different path for Vaestian, Sir Roderick relieved him of his conscription and sent him to apprentice under the high priest at the church of the gods. There he learned of the world’s order and the gods’ roles in keeping it. Later he would earn the title of high priest for himself. 

During the Second Age of Gods, Vaestian would uncover the corruption of his fellow Templars. Those Templars who moved to Ironheart became tainted by wealth, greed, power. He consulted, keeping up their ways and returning to Templar teachings. They scoffed at him and continued to lie and cheat their way to power. Drakortha came down and banished those Templars and spared the faithful. The God of Creation noticed Vaestian’s stalwart belief in the Gods and order. He offered Vaestian to join him and the other Gods, but his ascension would take many ages to reach full strength. And so Vaestian left the world to learn his new powers. He would return after the Age of Exile to welcome the mortals back to their civilized realm, to help them get acquainted with life outside of the chaotic lands of Durn.

Mortal’s Return

    The settling of Villager’s Wharf brought Vaestian and Phaelle to reveal themselves to the world. Phaelle promised protection, and Vaestian ensured peace through his Ordinators. They rode through the streets plated in gold armor. Those who were faithful and stalwart believers in civilization were awarded Vaestian’s Trident for defending the weak from those who sought to exploit them.

Prayer Logic

    Shrines can be erected in honor of Vaestian to gain his favor. He prefers sweet berry offerings as his followers feed him the berries like grapes to a Roman emperor.

Vaestian statue at Templar Church