Drakortha is the founder, owner, and administrator of The Ancient World.

In The Ancient World, Drakortha is the God of Creation.

Drakortha created the TAW map in 2010 before finally opening it to his friends and family in the form of a private server, and eventually the public as it is today.

Drakortha ascended to Minecraft godhood on the first Bashurverse Minecraft Server. This was before there was even a survival mode, and Minecraft Multiplayer was a new concept (and Survival Multiplayer was the dream).

Drakortha was granted the role of “God of the Deep Earth”, which became the origin of the Skin he still uses today. To mark this occasion, a large monument dedicated to his skin was carved into the ceiling of the large, lava filled caverns deep beneath the Bashurverse world.

The first iteration of the skin consisted of red, orange, and yellow pixels to produce the look of flowing lava and heat. Later, alternative versions of the skin were made to represent other worldly elements.