Disorder World


A Godless land of war & pillaging is now available from the server Lobby. Bring your best gear from The Ancient World and fight for domination of this new land.


1.8 Classic Combat
Combat others using the classic Minecraft combat system of 1.8, mixed with the extra features of an updated 1.14 server.

Inventory Tranfers
Bring your best gear from TAW to use to your advantage. Dominate and return with the spoils of war.

Map Wipes
Disorder is reset on the first weekend of every month. Use this to your advantage for your chance to dominate.

Wilderness Spawning
Type /wild when you first join to be teleported to a random location on the continent. Begin building your base before you are discovered by others.

Enhanced TNT
TNT has a larger explosion radius and using enough of it has the ability to blast through Obsidian. Man those cannons!

PVP Statistics
Track your own and everyone else’s K/D ratio with the /pvpstats command.

Claim your base using Factions.

Double McMMO XP + McMMO PvP
Disorder will be running double McMMO skill gain at all times plus your skills will be PvP enabled.