Chat Guide

new chat

There’s been some changes to the way our Chat works on TAW. We now have Chat Channels you can switch between. These new Channels are;

Primary Channels

  • [Talk Channel] – 50 Block Radius (Alias: t)
    The Default Channel.
  • [Yell Channel] – 300 Block Radius (Alias: y)
    Reach others in a larger radius with this channel.
  • [Whisper Channel] – 10 Block Radius (Alias: w)
    Good for keeping a conversation contained to a smaller area.

Special Channels

  • [Faction Channel] Global – Same World Only (Alias: fc)
    This is a private global channel shared between you and your Faction mates. All players who are in a Faction have access to this channel. No cooldowns.
  • [World Channel] Global – Same World Only (Alias: wc)
    A global channel accessible to all players that can only be heard by others on the same world. Useful for making announcements, asking a question, making a trade offer, and other things of that nature.  180 second cooldown.
  • [Ancient Worlds Channel] Universal – All Worlds (Alias: taw)
    This is a Universal channel that is accessible to TAW Members and acts as a new form of chat that reaches all worlds. No cooldown. Note: This is a private channel and can only be heard by TAW Members & Staff

To private message someone at any distance, use the /message & /reply commands.

To switch between channels, type the command /ch <channel alias>

For Example; to switch to the Talk Channel, type /ch t

You may also send a singular message to a channel without having to switch to it. Simply use the channel alias you would like to send a one-off message to. For Example; /y hello!

You can leave a channel by typing /leave <channel alias>
When you do this you will no longer hear messages from this channel until you join it again with the channel switch command (/ch <channelalias>)