This is the canon for an item originally described in a Book titled “Inside Look into Caladus”

Without us is like the God Of Light losing an arm. We’re his sword in the fight, and we shall always prevail!

The Caladus are a small Faction of worshippers of the God of Light. Originating from Baulkum Hills, the two founding members are Acidies and Royalzz, who made their home in a hollow mountain, using natural camouflage to stay alive.

Eventually, a large rift struck Baulkum Hills, and after a fierce battle the Faction they needed to leave Baulkum Hills to be safe. They set sail, and eventually found an island in the ocean off of Baulkum. This is where they decided to make there base, Solitude.

As they built, they gained more members, most notably Imeios. When the apocalypse hit, their island took much damage, but they still defended it with unmatched valor. Now, they serve as the protectors and worshippers of the God of Light. Ih the god’s eyes, their bravery and loyalty are unmatched.