Blue Peaks

Blue Peaks is a region on The Old Mainland that first became prevalent during the Age of Gods and later became a focal point for many historic and world changing events.

Blue Peaks – Age of Darkness

Blue Peaks was introduced as one of the 3 main playing areas on The Old Mainland. The Shire was the spawn town at the time which was located where the Old Fort is today. However it was burned and buried under a collapsing rift during the first Age of Rifts and despite many excavation attempts was never recovered. Shady Sands by comparison remains relatively well preserved to this day.

Stepping out of the portal to Blue Peaks would reveal 2 fresh mountain peaks, which is where the region got it’s name. At this time the 2nd mountain was already occupied by Ethendel and his dwarves where they were constructing what would eventually become the famed Ironhammer.

Blue Peaks was notorious for being a cold and desolate tundra. This was the case for a very long time, until it was transformed into a temperate spruce forest during the Age of Exploration.

Blue Peaks – Age of Exploration

Relevant History