Blightfrost Isle


Blightfrost Isle is a particularly small island located off the south-eastern coast of Bal Fel. It has a unique setting, being one of very few locations where Ice Spikes/Spires can be found. While these Ice Spires can be found in other locations, the isle itself has up until now, not existed… The waters that it resides in had been explored many times before with no previous sightings. It has been heard in a conversation with a certain well known and knowledgeable being, that it could indeed be possible that the isle could host magical properties, & given certain conditions it may be able to change frequency & thus the plane of existence it inhabits at any time. However the means it has come to be, there are inhabitants that reside on the frost stricken, the Arcanists, this is doubly impressive as the island also has a tendency of attracting creatures of darkness, perhaps a clue to its origin?