Beastmasters Abode

Beastmasters Abode is a fort located near the coast of Blue Peaks. It was built upon an already existing ruin which protruded out the side of a hill.

The ruin was discovered by an Ancient explorer sometime during the Age of Silence. At this time it was nothing but a crumbling old ruin beneath a hill with no real redeeming qualities. Knowledge about it’s forebears was unknown, however it could probably be determined as being an old forgotten holdout from the Age of Darkness like many of the ruins in that region were.

Despite this, the Ancient saw great potential and decided to repair and rebuild it into what would become a formidable fort. While digging up the floor to replace it with new blocks, a hidden cache was found filled with treasure which was likely stashed there by the previous occupier.

Beastmasters Abode became a central fighting position during a Dark Moon Event. During this event Mortals fought back waves of undead, beat back a rift, and even defeated an ender dragon, saving the fort from total destruction.

Beastmasters Abode was finally abandoned after the Ancient explorer who maintained it was killed by a murderous assailant. It subsequently fell into ruin during the Age of Ruin, and has remained a ruin ever since.

Beastmasters Abode – Age of Ruin