Ayelids is an elven member of Siberia.

Character History


Ayleids’ first appearance dates back to The Age of Continents. Her original home was an isolated island known as Terth Valhalla. From here she lived in the boreal forest gathering ingredients. She operated a small bakery and lived a quiet life away from the dangers of the outside world. She would occasionally travel to Dagon Fel to trade with the locals.

One day a cataclysmic event occurred. The Red Mountain volcano erupted sending ash into the skies causing widespread extinction. The survivors abandoned their fortress after many died from asphyxiation during the initial blast. The survivors sailed to Terth Valhalla which was fortunate enough to have been spared. The large boreal forest protected the island from total destruction.

Induction Into Siberia

Ayleids gave refuge to a few familiar faces along with their mysterious coffin. She asked what was inside, but was met with no response. The coffin was left in the bakery’s attic. The remaining remnants sailed to their homeland in search of more hospitable lands. It is unknown what happened to them as months went by. They never returned.

Ayleids grew worried as she would hear noises coming from her attic late at night. One unfortunate day Ayleids crept up the attics stairs and poked her head into the darkness upstairs. She shined her candle in the direction of a faint demonic cry coming from the corner. The creature it turns out was actually a grossly disfigured snowman who was eternally grateful for her help. In return Ayleids was given admittance into one of the oldest Kingdoms – Siberia.


As the age progressed, Ayleids saw the real dangers presented in this world. Her bakery was destroyed by a hoard of zombies and she was forced to flee along with the snowman. Their next destination were the Isles of Siberia. The snowman would later give control of the Ancient Kingdom to Ayleids.

Ayleids would go on to reorganize the kingdom and redistribute its limited wealth to smaller settlements. She also gave funding to redesign Siberia’s crumbling infrastructure. Her end goal would be to Make Siberia Great Again.


Ayleids currently resides in a cave. Her disease has progressed so that any form of sunlight will cause immense pain. How she contracted this rare and debilitating disease is a mystery. Vampires were believed to have all but died out after the Age of Darkness. The only way for her to survive in the sun is to drink Redwater Skooma™. She is currently using large sums of Siberia’s resources to find an ancient artifact. This artifact which was crafted by Iron Hammer Dwarves allows the user to go into the sunlight unharmed. The artifact is said to be made from the scales of an ancient beast.