January Updates- Votes, Rifts, Winter Games, and Reminders


Voting Rewards

Vote 4

Vote GUI: Gives additional vote info

Players have been asking for new voting rewards. In addition to new rewards, the vote system is getting an overhaul. To get the voting site links, type the command /vote in game, or /vote gui to bring up all your options. Click on the urls in the chat when they come up, and follow the website promps. You can vote on the six sites once per day. Please make sure to put your in game name as its written so as to get credit for your votes. Each vote helps the server with exposure, and now there’s some nice Vote 1perks for doing so!

Now players will be rewarded instantly for each site they vote on with 100 quartz each, and an additional 50 quartz if they vote on all six sites per day. Players can also earn streak rewards for voting 7 days, 14 days, and 2 months in a row! A new Party Vote system hasVote 2 also been put into place, where when the server hits a threshold amount of votes, those who voted get extra bonuses. Check that out with the command /vote party.


New Items include:

Vote 5

Use the command /vote shop or /vote gui

-2 pts: Diamond
– 8 pts: 64 Bottles of Enchanting
-10 pts: Hardened Diamond Sword (Unbreaking I, Sharpness V)
-20 pts: Mending Enchant Book
-25 pts: Ender Chest
-25 pts: Iron Horse Armor
-30 pts: Gold Horse Armor
-35 pts: Diamond Horse Armor
-80 pts: Dragons Breath
-90 pts: Enchanted Apple (Purple ‘God’ Apple)
-100 pts: Shulker Box

Please note: This is not the end to the vote shop update. Players can continue to make suggestions, and we’ll be monitoring how well the streaks and party votes are going. Continued updates will be posted in the discord as they happen.


Winter Games

Saturday January 13th at 4pm EST players are invited to play a couple rounds of Spleef and Bumper Ice Boating. Everyone who shows up will be rewarded with a brew recipe, as well as the chance to win additional recipes and quartz.

For those new to Spleef, its a strategic competitive game where you must dig out the blocks from under your foes. Every player for themselves; last player standing wins!
Bumper Ice Boating is a race using row boats on ice. Hone your driving skills to navigate the course, but beware of obsticals. If your boat breaks, you’re out for the count.


A fight has been occurring outside the mortal realm; Terth and the Undead Goddess continue to strangle the life from Cataxa, the Forge Mistress. Echoes of their clashes can be felt pulsing across the land. Turmoil and chaos are spreading, consuming any life it comes across. Cataxa’s Stronghold is falling. She’s too weak to fortify her barrier. Her time is near…

There have been a string of Rifts in the past few weeks. Terth has been growing in powerRift A the past few months with his Dark Moons bringing Terthian mobs to fortify encampments in Blue Peaks, and nether breaches in the snow leading ways into the Terthian Dungeons. More recently, Terth has found a way into the Stronghold that housed  Cataxa’s source, and has been feeding off it, corrupting it. Terth was able to absorb enough power to open a rift inside the Stronghold just before Christmas. Mortals fought bravely to stave the attack,  but the damage was done. Cataxa has been left wounded and unable to fortify protection around  her Stronghold.

Rift 1Terth then summoned a rift east of Oak’s Rest. Mortals were quick to tackle it for fear of it consuming their peaceful spawn village. But a heretic invoked a ritual to summon a rift outside of the Freelancers’ Keep. Terth, alongside the Undead Goddess, let loose a massive horde inflicting damage to the keep and its’ inhabitants.

Meteor 1In the following days, The Ancient World saw several meteors strike the surface. Two were found by mortals, and were scavenged for other-worldly items. Meteor 2



Two more rifts approached Oak’s Rest. Mortals have done a decent job staying vigilant in these trying times. Mortals must remember to ban together to take out the rift cores as quickly as possible, for Terth feeds off chaos.

Rift 2

What will come next for Mortals and Oak’s Rest? No one can say for sure. But staying vigil is the key.



The server tutorial will be getting an update as well. Old information will be removed with new info substituted, as well as giving new players a hands-on experience by walking through a mini-dungeon/rift. The mobs will be heavily scaled down to accommodate, and while veteran players are encouraged to help new players, we do ask that you let them experience the battles. We are hoping to encourage new players to stick around by showing them some of what TAW has to offer. A small update will be posted in the discord when that is up and running.


Reminders from Drakortha

Port Orange Portal

Drak has made a new portal to Port Orange, and can be accessed by going to /spawn.

New Port Orange Portal

More portals will be added to the portal hub under the Admin Building once it gets spruced up a little bit.



Drak has added new links to the blog post. Please explore the forums to bump threads or post your own. Looking to get some light on the server to help bring in new players. Post about your time on the server, events you have participated in, and/or your faction.  Screenshot always help. Please be respectful of forum rules when posting. Use the wiki to brush up on the server lore. Also check out Draks’ wallpapers in the downloads tab.


Drak would also like to remind everyone that the server haven’t quite reached its’ goal yet. If you’re able to help out, please do so by visiting the Fundraiser Page . It would be greatly appreciated for any help.



TL:DR– Voting has been updated. New tutorial incoming. Winter Event this Sat. Jan. 13@4pm EST. New portals coming to the Admin Building. New Port Orange portal at spawn. More Rifts might be in store. New links on the blog. Donations for the server greatly appreciated!


Happy Holidays!

First off, we’d like to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday and new year!

Stronghold and Dungeons

The Stronghold is now open 24/7 for player to venture through. Although some loot wasDMC Loot.png replaced, there is still quite a bit of dungeon and untouched loot left to explore. There have also been some new areas added today. There is one location that is being guarded by some angry Villagers. Maybe players can do something to win over their favor and let them pass into their portal?

Reminder to players that the Stronghold Dungeon is Diamond armor allowed, but the Terthian Dungeons and Blue Peaks still requires Leather armor.

The Secret Stash Trader is now accepting Boss Tokens to trade in for artifacts! Make sure to hold onto all the Dungeon ‘Junk’ items, as they can be traded in for enchanting bottles, quartz, or with enough of them, and artifact! Some players are collecting and might be willing to trade these items as well. Stop by the Secret Stash to trade or ask in global chat.

New Year means New Things

The New Year is almost here! 2018 will bring in the new Aquatic Update (1.14) to Minecraft in the spring. But until the patch, we hope to have several events in store for The Ancient World. We will keep updating as the time comes, but players can expect some Challenges, Dungeons, Scavenger Hunts, and more. The Jobs Shop and Voting Reward Shops will get a work over for player get some neat items to help them out in their ventures.

Make sure to check out the updated Server Map to see some new tags and locations.

Drakortha will be standing by the tree the day before xmas; come over and wish merry xmas or happy holidays for a free gift!

Drak 2017-12-23_11.28.06.png

Seasons Greetings!

Event Continuations/Expansions and Other Updates

Hey everyone! It’s been almost two weeks since the Dark Moon event, and we wanted to give an update on current events and what’s to come.


Currently Ongoing Event

Blue Peaks is still within Terths’ icy grasp. Leather armor and heat sources are required to survive. Beastmasters Abode and safe havens along the way are still available for players to warm up and reequip. There are still several look-out towers, camps, and strongholds filled with Terthian mobs. Remember that they are a good source of enchanted leather armor to help combat the cold and minions.

Most of the chests have been looted for a second round, but some will be resupplied terth hunt 4again within the week for the persistent loot hunters. There are still a few rare artifacts yet to be found; make sure to be checking every nook and cranny within those dungeons! Although most things hide in plain sight. Some items that were lost to the void may find their way back into the dungeon.


Two of the dungeon bosses, have yet to be defeated, one being the final Witch boss. Get a group together and take her on to claim her prize! The dungeon paths will also be having their barricades removed; allowing players to move freely from path to path regardless of which entrance was entered. No need to ender pearl over gates! But be aware that sprinting through the paths will only make it harder as mobs follow and collect in large groups.

terth hunt junkThe current dungeons will also be getting a new location added: The Secret Stash. This location will have to be found within the dungeon, but will provide a safe space free of monsters. It will also have workstations to craft and repair gear if needed, as well as having access to an ender chest to help players stash away gained loot.

At the Secret Stash, players will be able to trade in all the junk items that have been collecting in your inventories. The Trader will allow players to trade in for quartz and/or experience. Providing a larger quantity of an item may allow the purchase of unique artifact. Boss tokens will eventually be tradeable at the merchant as well. More info will be provided in the discord in the following days.


New Event This Weekend

Terth’s minions numbers continue to grow, as does his powers with each death. The accumulation of chaos has awakened and attracted the attention of some interesting entities. It is unknown yet which side they fight for. Pray that they take pity on the Mortal race and help intervene.

This weekend, we’d like to launch a new set of dungeons for players to explore. Taking into account players feedback, some tweaks and adjustments have been taken to heart as the new set of dungeons were created. Some mobs spawns were adjusted, while others have been looked at and reworked to better suit the play-style. The new set of dungeons will be less hallway cramped, and more open for ease of movement while traveling in groups. A reminder that friendly fire is still possible.

With these new dungeons come new rewarding loots and mobs! Make sure to keep an eye out for a monsters mechanics, and take things slow! If you run over eight traps at once, you’re going to have a bad time. We also wanted to let the players know that the new dungeons will allow the use of diamond gear, while the old dungeons will remain leather only. The new dungeons will have very distinct entrances/portals, so players should not get the two mixed up.

We’d like to start the event Saturday December 2nd at 4pm EST, but it will remain open as the previous ones were for the weeks to come. So if you can’t make if for the initial start, there are still opportunities to get in there. Again, we’ll have players start at Beastmasters for some Stash Bat Smash before sending them out. Sneak peak pic below!


Upcoming Events for December

Double Experience weekends are still ongoing. Make sure to take advantage of them to level up faster. The Jobs Shop items are still being worked on and are planned to be available by the end of December. We also wanted to look into rewarding those at the top of the leader boards, for each individual job and overall at the end of each month. More discussion will take place, and information will be updated in the weeks to come.

Some Winters Day challenges will be coming closer to Christmas. They will be fun minigames to earn new brew recipes along with some other useful items. (It won’t be as challenging as Hall of Amnesia). More info will come later on when and where those events will take place.

Map Location Tags

Just a reminder, the serer map will be rendered December 15th. If you wish to have you location named, please post the name and coordinates in the Map-Labels chat tab in the discord. You can click here to see the current Server Map.


TL:DR -Sat Dec 2 @ 4pm EST new dungeon. More events are planed for December, info to come. Put map coordinates/labels into discord for server map.

Dark Moon Announcement

The Shadow Tome has been sought and fought over for years. Although written in the language of the Gods, Mortals in their petty fashion attempt to hold claim over it believing it will grant them protection or favors. Little did they know its true powers. Mortals witnessed what Terth was capable of when Ironheart was demolished the first time the Tome surfaced, then again with the first Dark Moon.

In more recent years, a group of mages have dedicated themselves to understanding Terth and his ways. Finding artifacts from across the globe, they collected them unto one location. and founded a small college. There, old scriptures and artifacts were tested and dissected in efforts to create ways of both controlling and destroying Terth, but the power was overwhelming and began to corrupt the mages. Cultists, Heretics, Fanatics, and Acolytes began to spread throughout the lands.

Terth has not been hiding in retreat in Blue Peaks as the Mortals have believed. He has been growing in power, with each new minion under his control, every death in his name, and now, he is ready to set the world in permanent darkness and chill once again. It is up to all the Mortal races to work together to extinguish Terth’s blight, or suffer the consequences.


The Ancient World is happy to announce another Dark Moon event, scheduled for November 18th, 2017. We would like to have everyone meet in Oak’s Rest around 4pm EST, and enter Blue Peaks together.



Blue Peaks has been closed to the players for the past two weeks as staff have prepared the landscape for this event. Players can expect new locations to discover, including entrances to dungeons, strongholds, and corrupted lands. With these location, new mobsItem 1 and challenges can be expected, as well as a variety of loot and artifacts! The degree of difficulty has been stepped up to make it more challenging, but the risks will be worth the rewards.



While exploring Blue Peaks, players will have the added dangers of the environment to worry about. Cold damage will set in and kill if not protected properly from it. Leather Armor and standing beside flame sources will stave the frostbite. There are several safe havens and torch beacons throughout the land to aid the players along the way.


Some Rules to keep in mind:

-Digging will not be required to access any content throughout Blue Peaks. Every chest has a valid pathway to it. Most areas will be world-guarded, but for some of the lesser and ‘secret’ location, digging straight down to the chest is not allowed. We discourage digging up the landscape, as the staff have put many hours into making/fixing it. There will be caches of building materials within certain locations (such as nether and prismarine).

-Certain enchantments (Frostwalkers and Springs) will be disallowed during the events as they are counterproductive and will limit other players abilities to participate in event locations.

-There is a build in the middle of Blue Peaks, claimed by Choir. It is unrelated to the event and we would ask that players leave the area alone. There is nothing hidden in or around related to the event.

-Reminder of the 24 hour Over-Claim rule. It will be in effect Nov. 18. Factions will not be allowed to claim over other factions lands due to power loss. Any player/faction caught doing so will be dealt with severely.

**We would like to note that at the server meeting, it was said that claiming land in Blue Peaks was acceptable, but upon further discussion on the topic, it has been ruled that claiming land will be disallowed. We want everyone to have fair advantages, whether in a small or large factions, allies or solo. We also wanted to discourage players taking advantage of the 24-hour over-claim event protection by making smaller factions and regrouping after the fact. Blue Peaks Portal will be the start location, and Beastmasters Abode will be available to rest up and restock should a player die in their adventure.

Players will be monitored throughout the events to make sure everyone is playing fair. Anyone caught breaking or bending rules will be dealt with case by case, and can result in exclusion of future events, temp bans, and permanent bans. That said, please have fun, and we hope everyone enjoys the event!


November 11th Server Meeting

For anyone who missed the server meeting, a link here will be provided. Please note that the information provided in this post is the most up to date and current regarding the Dark Moon event.

What’s New with Jobs?

Hey everyone. Just wanted to take a moment to explain some of the changes you’ll be seeing with your current jobs while on TAW.

In general, everything got a huge experience buff; We focused a lot of the actions around the end level (currently 200). While you may notice you’re currently getting slightly lowered pay, this was done to balance out the faster experience gain. We wanted to help you get to level 200 faster so you could start making the bigger income amounts.
Over the next week, we’ll be monitoring how these changes affect job choices, progression, and the economy. There might be some slight tweaks in the future (like increasing the level cap or increasing/decreasing max level payouts), we hope these changes are beneficial to everyone and the server. Some notable changes in each of the professions are as follows:

Treasure and Junk items have been added to give you experience for reeling them in. While you won’t get paid for them, we’ve buffed the base payment for the items you do get paid for. Be on the look out for those clownfish! (Fish are friends, not food..or are they? Don’t get rid of those ‘useless’ fish just yet.)

Woodcutter needed some love all round. Good news is, it won’t take you 18,000 logs to level in the higher end anymore. Base pay per action was increased. The action ‘Break Vines’ has been added for those scaling and chopping jungle trees.

With nether material being scarce, we wanted to make using your precious nether materials feel worth it. You’ll no longer need 1600 ghast tears to level in the higher end. Gun powder was added to the ‘Brew’ action. Brewers should keep an eye out for the elusive Ender Dragons as well, as he might have something you’ll want.

We wanted miners to get some benefit from rift events, so we’ve added Netherrack and Prismarine to your roster, along with basic stone. While they give no money for mining them, they do give some experience to help in those times between finding ores. The base pay was adjusted for the current economical state, and could be changed in the future depending on player/admin shop prices.

Hunter was a tough one to balance experience and pay for, but we have hopes that Hunters out there enjoy the changes. More mobs were added to the ‘Kill’ action, such as Illagers, Witches, Strays, Husks, and a few farm animals. Because Withers and Ender Dragons are tied to rift events, we buffed their experience for the player who kills them. Expect some good levels if you’re lucky enough to slay them!

We added in some more animals for the ‘Tame’ and ‘Breed’ actions. With the Farmlimiter in place, we know you can’t have large breed pits, so we’ve increased the experience gained to accommodate that. We balanced crops by making the ‘Place’ action give more experience, but less income so that when you harvest your crops, the ‘Break’ action gives more income and less experience. While breaking vines was removed from farmer, several others actions were added. Also, it won’t take you 55,000 crops to level in the high-end anymore!

Enchanters got a decent boost in both experience and income. Because the actions can only be done in the enchanting table, a lot of it is RNG as to what you’re going to get. We’ve now added books to the ‘Enchant’ action to help you get the enchants that you want. Getting paid for which enchant shows up on your item was weighted base on the probability percent tables that base Minecraft comes with.

The base experience for repairing items was increased, and bows were added to the ‘Repair’ action. While most people will be crafting diamond armor for their end game/pvp events, we wanted to give other options to craft for experience gain so that you didn’t have 2000+ sets of diamond armor sitting around. Diamond and Iron armor incomes were balanced around the current economical states, and may change in the future based on player/admin shop prices.

Double XP Weekends and other Buffs!
Yes, you heard right! Saturdays and Sundays, the server will reward you with twice the experience you would normally get per action. We’re hoping to run these every weekend from here on out to help reward your time on TAW. We’ll be monitoring how quickly players progress with these, and may increase the level cap if players are reaching 200 in a short time.

xp bonus

Also, keep your ears open to rumors and whispers. There might be some regional areas that give increased experience and/or money to specific jobs.

…Have you ever read the tale of the legendary Dwarven Forge? Heard the Fisher Villager talk about this Grotto he used to know of? Old scrolls were found describing a hellish area with non-stop flow of nether creatures…