Aros Dalyon

(NOTE: Some portions of the texts below are incorrect and don’t follow my personal character story, don’t regard this page as canon. I did not write these parts and I am just way too lazy to bother correcting it. Thank you.

– Aros)

(2017 – Present)

Narqanians refer to a small clan of beasts, particularly, ArosDalyon and Denshin. Both hailed from an ancient underwater civilization, and both fled to the surface after calamity. They are docile businessmen, explorers, collectors, and successful entrepenuers, with Aros proudly manning the Blind Fox Burrow.

Clan Backstory


(2012 – 2015)

Have you heard of an oceanic civilisation far beneath the waves? The Ancient World hadn’t until the Age where the sun never rose cursed the lands.

Can you imagine living in your comfortable home and one day knowing that every door, window and opening would be bricked shut, sealing you inside? This was the dilemma the Narqarian oceanic race faced when the vast oceans began freezing solid, coast to coast. Do you stay isolated for an unknown length of time or do you live with the earthwalkers?


When they knew their underwater habitat was doomed, they built a ship. A handful chose to go, Denshin was one of them.

Denshin is the older of the Arosdalyon clan and the first recorded member of the Narqarian civilization to appear in the Ancient World. A Beast but not a fox-like creature, Denshin’s ties to Aros are cultural, not by blood. Upon ascending the frozen beaches of the Ancient World the cold was unimaginable for the group, most, if not all simple froze solid in ice upon emerging from the water only to later be covered in the heavy snow.

Ironhammer – Early Life

As the lone survivor and the rest of his people trapped beneath the frozen ocean, Denshin awoke in Ironhammer and worked eagerly to become accepted in the surface world, finding plenty of friends and allies and also enemies, who to trust, who to avoid and when to visit the Iron Door for a long chat and drink with the Orc barkeeper.

Denshin’s forts and bases were less than impressive to begin with, his main strength was found in being social and keen to ongoing rumors, earning the attention and trust of many of the more important individuals of the world. This would play an important role years later.

Yvre, the rise, the ascension from mortality and the fall

Denshin founded the minor faction of Yvre, the meaning of its name is unclear, perhaps a word from the Narqarian tounge related to “the air” or “of stone”, referencing about an amphibian having to make a life on the surface world. Over time people gathered under this banner and its strive towards peaceful relations and building beautiful monuments for the Ancient World.

With years passing, the dedication to preserve the world as beautiful as it was earned Denshin more and more influence with the various gods and divine powers, eventually leading to rising as a Demigod of his people.

From this point onward the faction Denshin built was fallen into neglect. It no longer had citizens and was at most just a well known name. It was not until the major rift of Archwind where the faction of Yvre decisively ended for the ages. Although the battle was won, whether or not Denshin simply wandered off, rejoined his oceanic world or fell in battle is unknown, but Yvre as a faction had reached a seeming end for several years.

Aros Dalyon

Believed to be from the same Naqarian clan as Denshin, but of an entirely different race, Aros Dalyon is a fox-like beast who also allegedly materialized from the oceans.

He claims he originated from any ordinary den of Foxfolk, somewhere in the vast stretches of forest covering the Ancient World. The stories revolving the odd fox are few and without much backing fact, except for him showing up out of the blue carrying the Yvrian banner high. Many asked if he was related to the ancient faction. His mysterious appearence, connections to Yvre, and his love for the sea and exploration make him eerily similar to the late Denshin.

Aros resides in a shoreside fort on Orrostar, keeping the Yvrian tradition of keeping things peaceful and creating beautiful structures. For the first time, Yvre was allowed to run a spawn tavern, located in Fort Oak. It was called the Blind Fox Burrow. Unfortunately, after the great rift of Oak’s Rest, the Tavern has been shut down.

Through several expeditions to Blue Peaks, Aros has collected a fair number of various artifacts. Currently in possession of trinkets like Terthian gold bars, Ancient gold coins and other artifacts such as the Terth Hunter Crossbow, Terth Hunter Longsword and not least the Yvre Yari Ronya, a prized kin and family relic forged by the divine hands of the deities themselves.