A journal, salvaged among some corpses in the woods by a burnout campfire. In the nearby area more bodies lay about, with arrows riddling the ground… & them. Victims of a bandit raid no doubt… Most of the journal is burnt but, you find a page among the ash, it reads…

“It’s daylight, we’re on the move again, just a few of us now. So many others lost, & many more over the years… This world is so, unforgiving… it’s tearing us apart, some dead, others drifted away, & now we’re only a few survivors wandering, without an order to call our own. We once explored this world & it’s mystery with a sense of bravery. Adventuring into the darkest ruins, asking the most dangerous questions, we wanted to know everything, our lives depended on it. The monsters that plague our world, ruthless, & unrelenting, every time we beat them back, they just crawl out of the depths again. We had to find a way to beat them, the other mortals, they might fight in their petty wars, even we had few, but at least we always returned ourselves to the real fight. Terth… that of which seeks to destroy all our work, see us undone, for years we have in secret have fought to protect our world, unraveling the secrets of times past in the hope that we, could maybe, just maybe, find a way to defeat the darkness. But now where are we? Wandering, men lost, our homes… destroyed. We have no order to turn back to, our brethren scattered through the wind. We’re dying… & soon I fear we may be no more. What few men we have left, their spirits are broken, & we’re nearly out of supplies. I don’t think we’ll last much longer… I can only pray now that somewhere out there, some of us will find a way, I pray, by the gods… let us not fade into that dust of which we once study, but let our pride, our strength, & our knowledge, guide us. No, our name will not be forgotten,we are the men & women dedicated to unraveling the unknown in our universe… we are the Arcanists, & we will not be so easily defeated.”

In the area bodies of men in clade armor, but among them are also what appear to be scholars, clerics, & even farmers & butchers. This was no war party, this were people, taken from this world all too soon. Like so many others here, their lives, their wisdom, their stories, faded away with the cut of a blade, with a shot of a bow, never be remembered again…

Order of Creation


  • Voltannis



  • Code Weaver
  • Simplexity
  • Ally Attack
  • Captain Obvious
  • Sikandarr
  • Acktennis
  • Chrome
  • Zerknown
  • Jesseg
  • Nerriah