Age of Silence

The Age of Silence was a long running, peaceful age that marked an upsurge of gods returning and restoring the people’s faith


There were no rifts, no dragons and no pending doom. All were free from the chaos and death “Terth” had brought against the mortals. “The Age of Silence” continued until the discovery of new lands, which initialized the Age of Exploration.

Important Events:

  • A long lasting peacetime.
  • Gods return.
  • Cleanups around the world took place. Including the cleanup & recovery of Ironheart.


The Age of Silence marked an unusual paucity of Rifts, as Terth’s defeat during the climax of the Age of Orrostar had significantly weakened the size and scope of his attacks. During this Age, building was the primary focus and Mobs mostly existed underground. It marked a significant expansion of the Server’s player base and a newfound interest in role playing.

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