Age of Ruin


The beginnings of Voyagers Wharf and the Age of Order were ambitious indeed. With Lord Vaestian’s promise of a new Golden Age of Law, Order, Justice, and Commerce – TAW civilization was set to see a bright future.

But things do not always go as hoped. Over time, The Lord’s City was abandoned. The cities population dissipated as it’s once would-be citizens chose a life of banditry, villainy and wilderness pillaging over Vaestians promise of a new Age of Order.

The Lords powers diminished, the Ordinators disbanded and the magical barriers that once protected Voyagers Wharf and many other locations around the world began to disintegrate. Ships that were once used for transportation raised up their sails and set off either in search of different lands or to turn to a life of piracy. And the once vibrant city fell into disarray.

The Promise of a Golden Age was over.

Thus began the Age of Ruin.


The Age of Ruin denotes an extended period of time on TAW where Civilization as was once known ceased to be, order was lost and the cities left behind crumbled to ruin. The age saw a major resurgence of undead armies that were once thought to be vanquished. Reveling in the opportunity to take back the over-world from the living.

With The Ancient World slipping into a weighty state of entropy during this age, the veil which existed between the world of light and darkness weakened with every light that went out and every structure that fell into decay – allowing Ancient Foes of Darkness to climb up from deep below and assimilate what they believed to be rightfully theirs.

But as eager as these monsters were, the world never fell into complete darkness as it remained in equilibrium with light throughout it’s duration thanks to the Goddess of Light, Phaelle, who still held some amount of influence in the world and promised to keep the darkness at bay for those who still had faith in her.


  • Server Was Updated from Java 1.14.4 to 1.15.2 and through to 1.18.2.
  • Travel networks were closed and once maintained roads fell into ruin.
  • Spawn was moved to the Chapel with the rest of Voyagers Wharf becoming a wilderness area. The Chapel was Vaestians final place of power.
  • Once valuable currencies became worthless.
  • WorldGuard regions saw a large reduction, resulting in many protected builds across the world to succumb to the passage of time and fall to ruin.
  • Night was extended to be equal length to Day.
  • An undead invasion inspired by Age of Undead begun.
  • Hostile monsters were now to be found in areas that were once safe.
  • Monsters were randomly generated with different amounts of health, speed, and other stats. Mortals had to be wary when facing them.
  • Towards the end of this age, a bonus tale came to the forefront which would tell one final story before the beginning of the next full age, the Age of Darkness II, which began when the Red Mountain on Dagon Fel erupted and set off a devastating chain of events.

Age of Ruin Chapter 2: The Tree of Spirits

After much of the Ancient World had fell to ruin and thousands were killed from the disorder, a tree sprouted. This tree became known as the Tree of Spirits and it grew from the wills and the determination of the spirits of the dead.

  • The Tree of Spirits replaced Vaestians ruined church as the spawn zone.
  • A small portal hub was rejuvenated by the tree, bringing a small piece of the old world back to the Mortals for their use.
  • For this short time the entropy which had gripped the world was slowed down. But this was only temporary and it’s influence was limited.