Age of Rifts



Terth’s super-rift destroys The Shire, forcing the Gods to retreat into obscurity, and allowing Terth to freely ravage the populace of the Ancient World.

The Age of Rifts occurred during one of Terth’s times of great power. Unrivaled by other Gods, Terth used this period of time to wreak havoc on the various new regions that Mortals had discovered in their retreat. Rifts were more common than ever during this age, due to Terth’s immense power.

It was during the Age of Rifts that the Mortals began to master the art of combat and the creating of metal weapons and armor, as it had become a part of everyday life for most of them. With Rifts striking from any angle, it was very difficult to build in a defensive manner against them. Therefore, the greatest defense became a strong offence, and the Mortals excelled in the use of guerrilla tactics to defeat Rifts, even with metal gear – the use of diamond smithing for armor and weapons had not yet become a mainline occurrence, with only a single band of Dwarves being known to don crystal mantles at this early time.

After several years of constant rifts on the homesteads of Mortals, Terth came to the realisation that this generation of Mortals had become hardened through the constant battle, and that rifts alone would not defeat them as he had hoped. In a final act against Mortals, Terth used his remaining energy to create a dark portal at The Shire’s ruins, and from this portal came thousands upon thousands of Terth’s minions. Terth then retreated to regain his power, leaving his forces to continue the fight against Mortals.

Thus began the Age of Undead.

Important Events

  • The Eulorian Gods retreat, powerless after the loss of The Shire.
  • Terth reigns freely over the world, bringing destruction through the Rifts.
  • The Mortals learn the art of battle over the decades, due to the presence of Terth’s minions.
  • The Mainland is settled, with the Mortals escaping The Shire after it’s destruction.
  • The Age ended in a stalemate, with Terth’s realization that rifts alone would not defeat the Mortals.


After the popularity of the Rifts at the end of the Age of Gods, this Age began and was more centered around Rifts as well as exploring the rest of the vast mainland.

The Age consisted of regular Factions play combined with Rift events every few days for players to fight off and earn loot.

Player Lore

Influential Factions

  • Black Talon Company
  • The Fleet

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