Age of Rifts II

The Second Age of Rifts, also known as the Lesser Age of Darkness marked a period of unusually high Rifting activity by Terth, as well as a period in which the sun went black. It also marked one of the only known appearences of The End, a sub-dominion of Terth, and provided direct combat against a Terthite avatar in their own homeland, which was vanquished. It also included a second run of the Dark Moon, where unusually long nights plagued the Ancient World.


Gargantuan Rifts, the size of which was unseen for centuries, devoured entire Faction zones. As the Rifts worsened and appeared more often, no less than five Rifts, in succession, completely annihilated a majority of Oak’s Rest, forcing most Mortals to flee back to Port Orange. Mobs of all classes, even Creepers and Guardians, overran everything they could find and slashed through Mortals like sand.

Many long, grueling battles ultimately led to the complete destruction of Terth’s avatar and a temporary expulsion of Terth from the Ancient World, as he retreated to lick his wounds in the Nether.

The Age concluded with one final Rift unlike anything ever known. Unable to teleport, and with Spawning magic compromised, Mortals were forced to board a massive ship and sail to another point in the Mainland, to reset the Spawn Point manually. They never made it.

Thus began the Age of Exile.

Important Events

  • Oak’s Rest is destroyed, giving way to a small garrison called Fort Oak.
  • Oak’s Rest freezes and permanently becomes a Cold Taiga.
  • The Spawn Point is returned to Port Orange.
  • Terth begins an unprecedented assault on major Faction cities and bases, unseen since the Age of Darkness.
  • A temporary, lesser Age of Darkness initiates, as a Rift of spectacular magnitude freezes the air and blankets the world in sun-reflecting snow and ash.
  • Terth concludes the age by completely eliminating the ability to Spawn and teleport, wiping the remaining strongholds in Oak’s Rest in totality.
  • All Mortals board an escape ship banishing them to Shaurekoth Durn.


This Age brought back a temporary version of the same mechanics used during the Age of Darkness, in which Mobs spawned without limitation across the Ancient World. The sun went black, with no real daylight available to any Mortals.

Rifts came in larger and more frequent numbers than any time since first Age or Rifts. This Age also marked the first canonical appearence of The End in the Ancient World, where it was revealed that it, too, was under the command of Terth.

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