Age of Gods


The Age of Gods began when The Ancients became Gods, each representing life or the elements. This age lasted for 150 years occupying the following areas on the map: The Shire, Blue Peaks and Shady Sands.

The Ancients became a race of immortal higher beings who controlled the great forces of nature and human struggles. The Gods were: Creation, Chaos/Death, Wealth and Air. Despite their immense power, they were subject to divine laws and could not break these laws.

Before The Age of Gods the God of Creation realized that there was need to offer his world to mortals (server players) who could enjoy, explore and create in this place. So he opened up his world to them and many mortals came. Very soon the mortals grouped themselves into new factions where they formed settlements, shared common goods and protected each other from harm. The mortals worked together and got along and their was peace for a long time. The mortals first village was known as The Shire.

Eventually, however, some began to display selfish behaviors leading to disputes and even violence among the factions. This caused The Awakening of The God of Chaos/Death, Terth who until that moment had lay dormant. Mortals had no idea what this would mean to the world and how Terth’s destruction could consume their builds, destroy their lands and test their wills. Soon Terth was greatly feared by mortal beings and with good reason. His power, when provoked, could cause great Rifts to occur, destroying the world if not defended. And so the mortals had a fierce and unforgiving God to contend with bringing about the Age of Rifts.

Prayer Logic

With this new fear mortals began to make offerings to the Gods/Demigods hoping the Gods/Demigods would favor them and gain protection from Terth’s anger and fury. This worship of the Gods/Demigods, seeking their favor, was termed Prayer Logic. Mortal worship of one God/Demigod gave rise to greater power for the God or Demigod of their choosing.


The consumption of the land served as a kind of balance to the world creating a kind of leveling, an opportunity to begin again and from the ground of destruction grows the need of creating a new world, a distinct part of the philosophy of the server.

Important Events

  • The Eulorians ascend to Godhood
  • The Mortals invited to the world
  • The Shire is built and becomes the main village and heart of the world
  • Terth God of Chaos/Death is awakened
  • The first and last Nether Portal is created
  • Terth launches an invasion creating the first known Rifts in The Ancient World.
  • The Shire is destroyed by a super-rift.


This Age marked the opening of the Server into public multiplayer. As such, it was relatively simple in terms of plugins / gameplay design. Factions was in place and saw use, but otherwise, it was a simple time for gameplay.

The first Rift came at the end of the Age.

Player Lore

Influential Factions

  • Ancients
  • Deepminers
  • Shadow Clan
  • Epicureans
  • Merchants
  • Gladiators

Major Cities/Bases/Hubs

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