Age of Gods II


Ironheart, City of the Ancients was the spawn for the duration of Age of Gods II

A feeling of peace flourished over the lands for the first time in history. Fifty years passed where the Mortals existed with no Gods residing over them. Rebuilding, expansion, exploration marked the age.

New regions appeared like: Applewatch, Baulkham Hills and Barossa Valley which were charted and settled by new factions factions. Ironheart (later named the city of Ancients) the capital city was created in memory of the brave warriors. Mortals were very prosperous and towns flourished.

Four mysterious figures appeared claiming to be the “spiritual children of Gods”. The first took the form of an elderly man, claiming to hold secrets of sensation, and was often found walking with curved cane. The second held the form of a dark elf claiming to excel in the Harvest season. The third led the Ironhammer Dwarves in “Blue Peaks” claiming to be the Lord of War.

The fourth was an elf who appeared in Ironheart claiming to be the “Lord of Light”. He spoke of an ancient artifact known as “The Shadow Tome” which had great power. So much so that Terth himself would seek this treasure. “The Lord of Light” is closely related to Shadow Tome, a magical book which holds great power, though the extent of this power is still unknown. Terth seeks the Tome and the “Lord of Light” maintains that the mortals must hold the Tome to keep it hidden away from the “God of Chaos/Death”.

A challenged was posed to every faction to find and claim this tome. Scribes scoured the lands for clues which led to the discovery of the Shadow “Tome’s” location, within a mountain, many miles East of the City of the Ancients.

When several factions reached the mountain at the same time they discovered the great power of the Tome, they could feel its power growing stronger and stronger as they drew closer to it. There was a great temptation for them to obtain this tome even through violence or death.

Many battles ensued and the victors took the “tome” home for safe keeping only to be raided again. Factions Caladus and Voxnihili lost it to Draconix who held onto the Tome for a long time. The Lord of light was very pleased that Terth could not obtain it from them. Nobody was able to navigate the maze it was held in so it was protected and safe for a long time.

The constant warfare around the Tome made Terth aware the “The Shadow Tome” was present in “The Ancient World” and he soon discovered where it was. He summoned a great “rift” upon the base of Draconix. Mortals fought back against it and succeeded in this battle.

Mysteriously however it disappeared. Where did it go? No one knew but many suspected it was the elf, who first spoke of it, that had taken it and kept it safe from evil hands and greedy hearts. Terth appeared again looking for the tome. Thinking that it was hidden at the capital City he summoned a super-rift upon it in a battle known as the “Breaking of Ironheart”. Mortals and Demigods fell as Terth’s power was too great. Just as it seemed that all hope was lost, Ethendel, the Lord of War, used the remainder of his strength to “teleport” all remaining mortal survivors to a place of safety. One could almost imagine Ethendel swinging his mighty war hammer at Terth. Loss of all the Demigods brought great sadness to the people. How were they to survive without them? Thus began “The Age of Darkness


Important Events

  • The number of mortals increased.
  • Ironheart was created.
  • Borders were created separating the mainland.
  • The Demigods appeared.
  • The “Shadow Tome” appeared.
  • Terth destroys the City of the Ancients


This Age introduced MCMMO skills to the server adding MMORPG elements into play. A money plugin at Ironheart and plots for player shops was also added during this age.

The Demigods (characters acted out by the moderator team), brought role play to the game and rewards for the players.

Player Lore

Influential Factions

  • Kraken
  • Draconix
  • Vox Nihili
  • Caladus
  • The Fleet
  • Black Talon Company
  • Imperials

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